Quick Facts of Jaime Osuna

  • Full NameJaime Osuna
  • Date of Birth07 March, 1988
  • NicknameJaime
  • Marital Status Married
  • BirthplaceBakersfield, Kern County, California
  • Ethnicity Mixed-Race
  • Religion Christianity
  • ProfessionCriminal and convicted murderer
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Black
  • BuildFit
  • SpouseJane Osuna
  • Height5 feet 10 inches
  • Weight75 Kg
  • ChildrenOne
  • Horoscope Scorpio
Jaime Osuna Bio, Murder, Prison, Court and Mental Problem

Jaime Osuna is a confessed Famously known Kern murderer who is accused of murdering and torturing another prisoner, Luis Romero, inside California’s Corcoran State Prison. Yvette Pena is his first victim. Additionally, She was a 36-year-old lady who died at a hotel in California in 2011.

Jaime refers to himself as a cruel joker, and he has a sadistic joker tattoo on his face. He is neither an ordinary person nor a well-known personality.

The criminal calls himself a Satanist. Furthermore, He is a criminal with a history of aggressive behaviour in the police department.

Family Life of The Murderer Jaime Osuna

Moving on to Jaime’s relatives, little to no information is available. However, he had a miserable upbringing. Since then, he has been significantly different from the rest of the kids, displaying severe indications and torturing and killing his family’s favourite cat.

“Early in the morning on March 9, 2019, Corcoran officials conducted a safety check and checked on the other side of the bedsheet.

Mr. Romero was dead at that time, and Mr. Osuna was wearing a necklace composed of Mr. Romero’s body pieces,” according to the complaint.

Jaime Osuna in prison
Jaime Osuna in prison (Image source: KGET.com)

According to Kings County Executive Assistant District Attorney Phil Esbenshade, it was the most horrible homicide in his career. He stated, “We believe the victim was cognizant for at least a portion of the time.”

Osuna is reported to have cut out one of Romero’s eyes, chopped off one of his fingers, removed parts of his ribs, and hacked off part of his lung while disfiguring him.

Furthermore, After decapitating Romero, Osuna reportedly posed with his lifeless body and wore a necklace of his body parts.

Jaime Osuna’s Professional Life

In 2011, Jaime was guilty of murdering Yvette Pea, a 37-year-old mother of six. According to her relatives, Pena was the mother of six children, ages 28 to nine years old.

In November 2011, he admitted to murdering Yvette Pena. On Golden State Avenue, Pena was in the El Morocco Motel. Furthermore, She had “stabbing items” sticking from her back.

The killer admitted guilt to five counts of crime. Among the charges were murder, attempted murder, threats, assault with a dangerous weapon, and trying to influence a witness. According to the prosecution, Osuna attempted to prevent his ex-wife from testifying following his detention.

On May 15, 2011, Osuna was guilty to a lifetime in prison. For the savage murder of a Bakersfield lady, he was receiving a life sentence with no chance of parole.

Jaime Osuna in court
Jaime Osuna in court (Image source: Los Angeles Times)

The criminal tortured and beheaded another prisoner, Luis Romero, at California’s Corcoran State Prison in 2019. At California’s Corcoran State Prison, the two convicted murderers shared a cell.

Thus, Jaime dissected the victim’s body with a handmade knife, punctured his eyes, and partially removed his lungs.

Osuna is now in Salinas Valley State Prison’s mental inpatient unit.

He has schizophrenia spectrum disease, antisocial personality disorder, and borderline personality disorder, all undiagnosed. Furthermore, A court has ruled that Osuna cannot stand trial for Romero’s killing.

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