Relationship in these modern times can be really hard, but that doesn’t mean real connection doesn’t happen. So, if you find yourself head over heels for certain someone you have to make sure that person also feels the same way. Well, today we brought you a similar celebrity who found love in a high school and ever since then they are inseparable. The couple is none other than Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates. If you are one of their admirers we suggest you read the whole article.

Kevin Gates Life Before Dreka Gates

The rapper and husband of Dreka do not have a record of dating too many girls. Despite being a high profile rapper, Gates keeps his personal life to himself. However, he has confessed to date a girl who turned out to be his cousin. Kevin says had never seen her while growing up, besides he has so many cousins and he knew them all except this particular one.

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Kevin further explains after the discovery of their blood relationship, they ended things between them. In addition, for two years he also acknowledges having sex with her because he did not feel mistaken or had to be shamed.

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Start of Sweetest Relationship

The soulmates Kevin and Dreka’s love story is nothing like that of Cinderella and her Prince. Dreka encountered Kevin at the high school. She was studying medicine to become a doctor but suddenly realized that she had a passion for fashion to which her parents were not happy with her decision. Then, to sustain herself Dreka worked as a real estate’s agent and as Kevin’s manager. While working with Kevin, Dreka fell in love with him.

Kevin Gates & Dreka’s Married Life

In October 2015, the pair tied a nuptial knot with each other in the presence of their close friends and family. Dreka over the years has contributed to her husband’s career by a lot. Dreka is also his manager and co-founder of Bread Winner Record Label. During their startup, Dreka said that they found it difficult to start off their career, they didn’t have a large godfather in the sector, or anyone else to help them and give them a hand. She tells so many times how she went to the clubs to advise the DJs to play Kevin’s songs.

Kevin with his wife Dreka

Over the years, Dreka successfully fulfilled the duty of being an ideal wife and manager. For sure, the success story of Kevin Gates cannot be complete without the mention of Dreka right guys? That’s why Kevin never fails to let the world know that she is the queen of Kevin’s heart.

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Kevin successfully released most of his hits while he was still in jail. The couple has been together despite Kevin’s controversial and scandalous personality. As of 2019, they have had two lovely kids together – Khaza Kamil and Islah Koren. Kevin stated that in 2013 he had other children out of his marriage but that his life and identity were being held away for the public in an interview with Marc Milecofsky’s Complex, the two-month magazine based in New York.