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Although having two parents in a picture is definitely beneficial for kids growing up, it’s not always the case. There are many children today who are living with just a single parent, and when they reach adulthood, many of them become a highly successful, happy individual. There are both pros and cons of having a single parent.

Today we have brought you the article about Kimberly Stewart, who is raising her daughter all by herself after the split with her boyfriend. There are thousands of people wondering about Stewart parenthood. Let’s get into the article to know whether Stewart is really a good mother to her child Delilah Del Toro or not.

Kimberly Stewart Dating Life

Previously, Kimberly Stewart dated quite a few celebrities, but she never made any official statement about her dating life. However, she this one time Stewart briefly dated MTV reality show Laguna Beach star, Talan Torriero in the year 2005 after knowing him for just a few weeks.

Image: Kimberly Stewart and Benicio del Toro with their daughter

The then 26-year-old actress Kimberly revoked her engagement to Talan Torriero (then 19) less than two weeks after she announced her engagement. She suddenly achieved fame throughout tabloids in April 2011 due to her pregnancy.

Actor Benicio del Toro publicly announced that Kimberly was pregnant with his baby in 2011. Many individuals were surprised by this news as Kimberly and Benicio were never seen together. Kimberly later on 21 August 2011 gave birth to her baby girl Delilah Genoveva del Toro.

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Know inside story of Delilah del Toro Parents

Stewart takes care of her daughter Delilah with Benicio. Despite being in a committed relationship, both Kimberly and Benicio have plenty of love for their daughter.

Kimberly Stewart
Image: Kimberly Stewart with her daugther

In Hello! Magazine interview, Kimberly revealed that when she gave birth to Delilah, Benicio was next to her. She explained-

“The whole family, including Benicio, was at the hospital and my mom and Benicio were in the delivery room with me.”

“Benicio’s very involved; he and Delilah have a very special bond. She definitely looks like her dad, but she has my legs and eye colour.”

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Kimberly Stewart & Benicio del Toro Co-Parenting

Despite not having a committed relationship, the duo has been co-parenting their child Delilah. Both of them have an immense love for their daugther so, they are also planning to give a blood sibling to Delilah. However, they haven’t confirmed the news yet. Kimberly often posts a picture of her daugther in her social media and gushes about how adorable kid she is blessed with.

Kimberly Stewart's daughter Delilah Del Toro
Image: Kimberly Stewart’s daughter Delilah Del Toro

We must say, in spite of having all the busy schedules and routine, Kimberly still finds out the time for her little bundle of joy and go on a holiday with her. She is an ideal mother to her children, who is raising her child single-handedly. To learn more about Kimberly Stewart and her daughter Delilah Del Toro go through her Instagram page.


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