Quick Facts of Lei Li Agostina Maria

Lei Li Agostina Maria

Lei Li Agostina Maria is the celebrity daughter of an American singer-songwriter, musician, producer and wine marker, Maynard James Keenan. Moreover, Lei Li is just enjoying her happy life by attending her kindergarten life. Apart, her parents are too protective of her and keep her far away from media and public attention.

Lei Li Agostina Maria was born on July 25, 2014. Moreover, she is the only child of her parents, Maynard James Keenan and Lei Li. Further, her mother is a Caduceus lab manager. She has one half-brother from her father’s previous marriage with Jennifer Brena Ferguson. His name is Devo Keenan who is 19 years older than her.   As of now, she is growing up with sound health both physically and psychologically. Currently, she lives with her family in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles.

Enjoys Lavish Life

As said before, Lei Li Agostina Maria is just five years old so, she didn’t earn any money yet. But, her father earned a hefty amount of money to provide her a lavish and luxurious life like other celebrity daughters, Beatrice Howard, Iris Friday and Yardley Evans Brunt. Moreover, she is the daughter of the famous singer-songwriter and also the lead singer of the band Tool and Perfect Circle.

The house of Maynard James Keenan on Hollywood Hills was sold at $2.37 million in 2014.
The house of Maynard James Keenan on Hollywood Hills was sold at $2.37 million in 2014. Image Source: spin.com

Apart, her father established his own band in 2003 with a name, Puscifer. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her father’s net worth is $60 million. Similarly, her father is also a wine marker which helps to build his income. Moreover, her father also sold their house at Hollywood Hills home back in 2014 with the real estate price of $2.37 million. The house situated in 3,750  square feet along with two fireplaces, four bedrooms, and five bathrooms. The total area of the house is 11,000 square feet containing a swimming pool and waterfalls.

Relationship of Parents

Moving towards the personal life of her parents, they are living a happy married life to date. Moreover, Maynard James announced his engagement with his girlfriend, Lei Li in June 2010.  However, we don’t have the exact date of their marriage and where it held. Later, on September 10, 2012, it became confirmed that the couple is enjoying a married life when Keenan wrote an article for the Phoenix News-Times.

Maynard James Keenan with his wife, Lei Li
Maynard James Keenan with his wife, Lei Li. Image Source: Taddlr

As of now, he is living a happy life with his wife and there is no news of their separation and divorce. The couple is enjoying their parenthood with their daughter in Los Angeles.

Lei Li Agostina Maria with her parents.
Lei Li Agostina Maria with her parents. Image Source: Notizie Pro vita

Apart, her father was once a married man. He was previously married to Jennifer Brena Ferguson and also has a 24 years old son from their relationship. However, the couple divorce but the real reasons for their divorce is yet unavailable. As of now, her parents are living a happy life without any disturbances from their past relationships and affairs.