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The way to the man’s heart is through his stomach. Mario Batali is a renowned cook himself but his wife Susi Cahn won his heart by her cooking. Not just Susi and Batali, their whole family is into cooking. Batali recipes are loved by the fans and he is one of the top chefs in the country.

All is well in his personal life but in his professional life, he got dragged by his staff for Pilferage. Want to know the details about Pilferage? Follow the article as we talk about his marital life, his family and his controversy as well.

Mario Batali’s Married Life with Susi Cahn

The year 1992 bought a lot of happiness in the life of Batali especially in the form of his soulmate. He met Cahn at a food event and from then onwards their relationship started. Both are food lovers which build the rapport with each other in the beginning.

Mario Batali (left) with his wife Susi Cahn (right) in the early years of their marriage

The couple went out on a few dates before deciding to be in a relationship with each other. They stayed committed in their intimate affair for two years before tying the wedding knot. Susi Cahn walked the aisle in the Carribean beach where the two were married.

The pair exchanged their wedding vows in front of their close friends, family, and God. Despite their wedding ceremony being an intimate event, the duo reception was quite expansive.

Mario Batali Children and his Family love for Cooking

From his twenty-three-year-long marriage, the couple is blessed with two children, both of them sons. Susi gave birth to the pair sons Benno Batali and Leo Batali. Benno is now 21-years-old and attends Michigan University while his brother Leo is now 18-years-old.

(From left to right) Leo Batali, Susi Cahn, Mario Batali, and Benno Batali attending an event

Both the Batali brothers love to cook and is following their father’s footsteps. They often cook for their parents, especially for Dad Mario. The whole family cooks together and we’re wondering how amazing it would be to be their guest. Giving our taste buds the taste of all the best cuisines.

His recipes are among the best like of Gordon Ramsay, Julia Collin Davison, Kevin Belton to name a few. He lives with his family in his luxurious property in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC. Besides this, Batali owns properties in Northport, Michigan as well.

Mario Batali’s Controversies and Rumors

At one point people even suspected him to be gay but the rumor is canceled out for more than 23-years now. He is a married man and is pretty happy with his relationship. Batali faced an accusation of pilferage by his staffs.

His partner Joseph Bastianich and Batali enforced a policy, docking around five percentage of tips from the wine sales as said by one of the employees. There are no reports of the case is settled just yet but this might be one of the biggest tip skimming settlement in the history.

Mario Batali (right) with his business partner Joseph Bastianich (left)

Not just that, several women accused Mario of sexual misconduct and harassment in 2017. Because of that, many of his TV shows, his restaurant are now closed. Batali apologized for his behavior by issuing a statement. He said,

“I apologize to the people I have mistreated and hurt. Although the identities of most of the individuals mentioned in these stories have not been revealed to me, much of the behavior described does, in fact, match up with ways I have acted”.

However, he denied the allegations of sexual harassment. Susi Cahn is silent at the moment and has not talked about it in the media. We wonder if all is well in their relationship at the moment.

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