Quick Facts of Rykel Bennett

  • Full NameRykel Bennett
  • Net Worth $200,000
  • Date of Birth07 April, 2021
  • NicknameRykel
  • Marital Status Single
  • BirthplaceUnited States
  • Religion Christianity
  • ProfessionYou tuber
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Dark brown
  • Hair colour Black
  • Height5 feet 6 inches tall
  • Weight52 Kg
  • EducationHome Schooled
  • Online PresenceInstagram/Twitter
  • Horoscope Aries
Rykel Bennett Bio,Instagram,Siblings,Boyfriend and Networth

Rykel Bennett is a young, beautiful and bright teen YouTuber from Hawaii. She is best known from a youtube channel, “The Ohana Adventure,” where the crazy family of eight share their lifestyle.

The family shares their spontaneous adventures, try new things and adventures in new lands!

 Further, grab details on The Ohana Adventure’s girl, Rykel Bennett.

Youtuber Rykel Bennett

Rykel Bennett is the second child of the Bennett children. She is keen on learning, singing, traveling and vlogging along with her family.

Moreover, Rykel is an avid book lover and loves reading.

Rykel bennett
Rykel Bennett loves books. Image Credit: Instagram

Besides being involved in The Ohana Adventure, which is handled by he parents, Jase and Rachel Bennett, She has her own YouTube Channel where she vlogs about fun stuff and her teen life.

Age, Height, Education and Social Presence

Rykel was born on April 7, 2005, in the United States. Presently, she is 16 years old, standing 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 52 Kgs.

Rykel is as pretty as a picture having curly black hair and glorious dark brown eyes.

Rykel Bennett
Rykel Bennett. Image Credit: Instagram

Moving on, Rykel is homeschooled. She has six siblings, including two younger brothers, two younger sisters and one older sister. Furthermore, The 16-year-old is not very present on social sites except for Instagram and Youtube.

Rykel is active on Instagram under the username @rykelbennett, with 298k fan followers. Similarly, her Youtube channel is under the name RYKEL, with 681k subscribers.

Rykel’s Siblings

Growing up in a family where you have siblings is such a blessing and fun. As mentioned above, Rykel Bennet has six siblings altogether.

Her older sister is Klailea Bennett. She is the oldest of the Bennett children.

Rykel and her older sister
Rykel and her older sister. Image source: Instagram

Moreover, Klailea is a budding entrepreneur and a teen YouTuber.She was born on July 6, 2003, and is 18 years old as of 2021. Klailea loves friends, fashion, food, and fun.

Therefore, she shares her life through her Youtube Channel, Klailea, with 1.34 million subscribers.

Besides, the oldest Bennet child owns cool jewelry collections at www.klailea.com.

Shae Bennett
Shae Bennett. Image Credit: Instagram

Then comes a third child, Shae Bennett. He is a handsome 14-year-old boy and wants to be a storyboard/character designer in the future. He is on Instagram as @shaebbennett.

Also, Shae is active on the Ohana Boys YT channel, apart from The Ohana Adventure.

Continuing about the Siblings

After Shae comes a 13-year-old boy, Wyatt Bennett. He is very interested in Geo-caching and learning how to produce and film. Wyatt is on Instagram as @wyattrbennett. 

Apart from The Ohana Adventure, Wyatt is on the Ohana Boys YT channel.

Wyatt Bennett
Wyatt Bennett. Image Credit: Instagram

In the same vein, Rykel’s second youngest sibling is Evelin. She is an 11-year-old cute and sweet girl. Evelin wishes to be a dolphin trainer and swim every day.

You can see her on Instagram, @eveembennett. Aside from the family’s YT channel, Evelin is on Youtube, Toy Library.

Rykel and Klailea with their younger sisters
Rykel and Klailea with their younger sisters, Cora and Evelin. Image Credit: Instagram

Finally, here comes the youngest and the sweetest sibling of Rykel, Cora Bennett. She is nine years old as of 2021 and has the nickname C-town.

She wants to be like her parents, great business people. Cora is on Instagram as @coranoelani and also on Toy Library along with Evelin.

Rykel’s Parents

Rykel Bennett is a very lucky child to be born to such brilliant parents. Her mother is Rachel Bennett. She is a gracious 38-year-old mother of six! Rachel is a Vlogger. As a result, she films fun videos for The Ohana Adventure.

Moreover, we can find her on The Now Mom, dropping interesting parenting tips. The mother of six was born in Hawaii. She has been homeschooling her kids for the past five years.

Rykel and her parents
Rykel and her parents. Image Credit: Instagram 

 Rachel Bennett loves flashing adventures on The Ohana Adventure Channels and Blog. In addition, she shares all of her tricks, tips through her YouTube channel and Blog, The Now Mom. Also, The mom is on Instagram as @rachbennett.

Then we have Rykel’s father, Jase Bennett. He is a serial entrepreneur and video creator. Moreover, Jase is a surfer, Skater, fisherman, and without a doubt, The Best Dad! Further, He shares incredible entrepreneurial tips on the podcast: The Decode and adventures on the blog. Also, the best dad is on Instagram as @jasebennett.

Is Rykel Bennett Single? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

The gorgeous 16-year-old Rykel is currently single. It seems like Rykel is not involved in relationship pieces; rather, she is focused on her studies and herself. On the Contrary, her older sister  Klailea Bennett is dating!

As Klailea is an 18-year-old teen, it is cool to have a boyfriend. Besides, she is a university student attending Southern Virginia University studying business.

Coming to the point, Klailea is dating a handsome boy named Jothan Kamakana. He is from the Philippines and is continuing his volleyball career at Southern Virginia University.

Klailea and her boyfriend
Klailea and her boyfriend, Jothan. Image Credit: Instagram

The beautiful couple met at the University past semester in 2020. The pair started dating at the beginning of 2021. Meanwhile, Klailea and Jothan often share their lovely-Dovey pictures on Instagram with sweet and romantic captions.

Further, Klailea is on Instagram as @klailea with 591K fan followers. Likewise, her dashing boyfriend is active under the username @jothan_kamakana, with 57.4k followers.

How rich is Rykel Bennett? Know her Networth.

As a renowned YouTuber, Rykel Bennett comes from a wealthy family. The second-born child of fellow YouTubers Jase Bennett and Rachel Bennett rose to stardom from the family vlogging channel.

Rykel Bennett
Rykel Bennett is enjoying it. Image Credit: Instagram

 Rykel has been a part of Youtube since her childhood. The potential and talent she explores in her content are staggering. Although Bennett hasn’t disclosed her income and networth, her estimated networth is $200,000.

Her major source of income is from Youtube and the content she makes and uploads.

Also, she makes money from sponsorships and endorsements. The Bennett family usually goes on trips and vacations, and they probably earn millions from their YouTube channel.

No doubt, Rykel’s parents, Jase Bennett and Rachel Bennett, have been supportive and loving.

Rykel owns lavish car
Rykel owns a luxurious car. Image Credit: Instagram

 Furthermore, Rykel’s father, Jase, holds a whooping networth of $10 Million. As an entrepreneur, He has had a successful career in various industries.

Moreover, his family vlogs have amassed more than 1.1 billion views. The family’s vlogging channel has grown significantly since its creation in 2015, and now the children have their own YouTube channels.

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