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F1 Champion Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel recently competed in the Spanish Grand Prix. As much as the sportsperson makes the headlines, the Wags do the same too. But unlike other wags, Hanna Prater does not prefer making headlines in the media. This teenage sweetheart romantic story is sure to brush some love in the air.

From their long relationship, the couple is raising two children together. Are they Married? This is the question most fans ask when they see her at the Grand Prix. As she is not active on social media too, many people do not know much about her. If you’re here to know more about their marital status, then you are in the right place. So’ without further ado, let’s start.

Sebastian Vettel’s Relationship with Hanna Prater. Is she his wife?

Four-time World Champion, Vettel is one of the most desirable sports personality in the world. This German National tempts many of his female fans, however, Vettel has lost his heart to his longtime girlfriend Hanna Prater. Hanna is an industrial design student who likes to stay away from the limelight.

Sebastian Vettel (left) with his girlfriend Hanna Prater (right)

Just like Prater, Vettel is not tempted by all the glitzier and spotlight, even though his profession demands that. He likes to spend time with his family thus, cannot stay away from them for a long time. In an interview with theSun.co.uk, he said,

“I’m not tempted by glitzier places like Monaco. It’s a nice place but it’s not nice for me for more than a week”.

The couple lives together with their two children in a medieval-style farmhouse in Switzerland. They are romantically in love with each other but are they looking to get married anytime soon?

She’s not his Wife Yet…

Yes, you read it right. The pair are living together for a long time but they are not married. Vettel met Hanna for the first time in school and like in movies, he was blown away. The fairytale love story of the beautiful couple started with a friendship.

Sebastian Vettel (right) and his girlfriend Hanna Prater (left) at the Monaco Grand Prix

Slowly, their friendship began to convert into love as they were growing up. Soon, they began a romantic relationship with each other and the couple is together ever since. Vettel now 32-years-old should get married as per the opinion of most fans.

Well, you got your wish come true, the world champion was spotted wearing a ring in his finger which according to most sources is his wedding ring. Congratulations to the couple as they are ready to tie the knot, finally. As per the sources, the blissful event might’ve taken place between the Canadian Grand Prix and French Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel with his girlfriend at a sports event

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Sebastian Vettel’s Children

From his long relationship with Hanna Prater, Vettel is blessed with two children. As the 32-year-old does not like to talk much about his personal life, there is less information about his children.

His partner Hanna Prater gave birth to the couple beautiful daughter Emily Sprater. To celebrate the blissful moment they were joined by their loved ones. After some years, the family tree of Prater and her partner expanded with the arrival of their other daughter Matilda Vettel.

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Sebastian Vettel Canada Penalty cost him the Championship

In the Canadian Grand Prix, the four-time world champion received a five-second penalty for unsafely rejoining the race and forcing another car off the track. That another car was driven by British driver Lewis Hamilton. The 32-year-old went off the track at the first Chicane and before that he was leading the race.

As he looked to rejoin the race, he caused Hamilton car to go off track as reported by the stewards. At the end of the race, Hamilton finished second but won the championship because of Vettel penalty applied.

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