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Fashion Week is an exhibition sustained by the fashion production about which we understand and learn so much concern. We also view them on the television and other social sites.

The program seems to be a numerous affair which presents an opportunity to fashion designers, brands, and huge ‘fashion houses’ to set on exhibit their latest collections to the buyers and the media. These events influence and are taken as trend-setters.

But there are fascinating amazing truths associated with these shows that are not known to its fans and the viewers! Let us go through them and I am sure you would be surprised by them!

Models on Ramp
Models on Ramp

1) The invention-It is understood that the fashion week began in Paris. But the revelation is that it was New York which primarily held the show. The idea was unquestionably set down in Paris where clothes marketers would hire females to consume their designer clothes and go to public places.

In 1903, Ehrich Brothers, New York, put up a ‘fashion show’ to lure middle-class women. In 1943, the first ever NY Fashion Week was held. It practiced happening in hotels or lofts.

The parties became powerful and in 1993, the Council of Fashion designers of America began having the show at Bryant Park behind the NY Public Library. From 2010 to 2015, it was held in Lincoln Center which later moved to Clarkson Square, South Hollywood.

2) It is accommodated in more than 40 places around the globe through NY, London, Paris, and Milan which are the 4 main venues, Los Angeles, Beirut, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Sibiu, Tokyo, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Charleston etc. also hold this event.

Paris Fashion Weeks
Paris Fashion Weeks

3) It is held twice a year.

4) The program arrangements begin months in advance, there is a lot of hair and makeup to be done before the catwalk. But the show lasts for only 10-20 minutes.

5) The non-celebrity models who compete to lead the runway are not satisfied enough. They get only a few hundred dollars for one play. The amateur models walk the ramp only for appearance. This continues true mainly for the NY shows.

Those who get the most money are the high profile models and in London, Paris, and Milan. This is one of the events where female models are paid two times their male counterparts.

Paris Cultural Fashion
Paris Cultural Fashion

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