Geno Type Diet Plan

The GenoType Diet Plan is a latest and excellent version of The Blood Type Diet Plan devised by Peter D’Adamo who is a naturopath physician. The diet program utilizes genetic knowledge for managing the food details needed to be utilized by you to lose weight and obtain the healthy body.

What is The GenoType Diet Plan?

The GenoType Diet Plan will tailor the diet program for you on the background of your genetic characteristics such as length of your legs, jawline, body measurements, fingerprints etc. Once your genotype is identified, it can effectively be used to create your diet plan, which will produce fundamental transformations in your body.
The diet program has made it very manageable. Just like wickedness can be eliminated with the simple push of a button, your genes too can be triggered and stimulated with the cooperation of food items. Best foods equaling with your genes will increase your metabolism, immune system, and will get you the most solicited after body.

Division of GenoTypes

The GenoType Diet system has divided people on the evidence of genes into six major sections. You can know your genotype by diverse techniques such as by holding different parts of your body, discerning the shape of your teeth, fingerprints etc. Once you know your genotype, you can pick your food items subsequently.


Teachers are very rebounding and have great strength. They are equitable and have astonishing potential to develop quicker. Should they adhere to healthy foods, they can increase their lifespan. They should eat fish, turkey, goat, mutton, white meat, white fish, tofu, black beans, flaxseeds, peanuts, and peas etc. and should clear sugary foods, red meat, and white carbs. Teachers regularly have A or AB blood group.


Investigators have wide shoulders, closed hips, muscular body, and have very low body fat. Having great inclination to restore infected cells, their protected system is very strong. They frequently have sharp minds and quickly get accustomed to the new environment. Being very susceptible to chemicals, they are predisposed to suffer from hormonal imbalance.

Pros of The GenoType Diet Plan

The diet program has very real outlook and is proficient in implementing self and custom-made advantages. Apart from other diet programs, which persist same for everyone, irrespective of the symptoms of dieters, The GenoType diet plan recognizes your body first and then designs your diet plan. This unprecedented background adds a lot of value to the diet plan.