Quick Facts of Tiana Gia Johnson


Tiana Gia Johnson is the cutest Hollywood celebrity kids although she is just 10 months old. What more could we expect after being the daughter of Dwayne Johnson and his longtime girlfriend turned wife, Lauren Hashian?

She is just an infant that broke the internet in 2018. You might be here because you are a fan of Dwayne Johnson. So, keep on scrolling if you want to know more about the little baby’s bio.

Tiana Gia Johnson-Bio

Tiana Johnson became a viral sensation on the internet when her mother shared the photo of the newly born infant. The internet sensation was born on April 17, 2018. She was born in Los Angeles, California. Her Zodiac sign is Aries. She is the daughter of the sensational movie star Dwayne Johnson and his wife Lauren Hashian. She is the second child of the couple.

Tiana Gia Johnson loved by her sister
Tiana Gia Johnson with her sister, Image Source: The Rock’s Instagram @therock

Tiana’s father Dwayne already knew the gender of the child, and before she was born he went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and joked:

“I can’t make boys – not that I want to. Girl power”

She is also the younger sister of Jasmine Johnson and is also associated with her older step-sister Simone Garcia-Johnson. Before fame, she was featured in a hospital picture posted to Dwayne’s “The Rock Instagram account on the day of her birth.

Net Worth

Tiana Johnson doesn’t qualify technically for a net worth because of her young age. However, she is going to inherit the increasing net worth of her family. With Dwayne’s net worth rapidly increasing, she is likely going to have a prosperous life. The family is usually seen enjoying their life.

Although there is no official information on her mother’s net worth, her father’s estimated net worth is $220 million. She is literally born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Moreover, she was a born star.

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Tina is currently 10 months old. However, since she is in her growing years, there is no definite height for her. As for the weight, it’s the same. Likewise, she seems to be too cute and probably is going to be a gorgeous young lady in the future.

Her Parents

Tiana Johnson was famous from the time of her birth. She is also the heavenly blend of her parents. The most anticipating part is that the world awaits to watch this current tabloid sensation in the future. Well, as for her parents Dwayne and Lauren they are busy flooding the picture of the newly born in their social media. The main reason for her fame is the curiosity and assumption surrounding Dwayne’s expecting baby on the hype in mid-2017.

Tiana Gia Johnson and her family
Tiana Gia Johnson with her parents at their wedding, Image Source: The Rock’s Instagram @therock

Let’s wish good luck and congrats Mr & Mrs. Johnson for adding a new member to their family! Let’s expect the best for her.