Quick Facts of Tsutomu Miyazaki

  • Full NameTsutomu Miyazaki
  • Net Worth$6 Million
  • Date of Birth21 August, 1962
  • NicknameThe Otaku Murderer, The Little Girl Murderer
  • BirthplaceItsukaichi
  • Ethnicity Asian
  • ProfessionSerial Killer
  • Nationality Japanese
  • Active Year1988-2008
  • Eye colour Black
  • Hair colour Black
  • BuildMesomorph
  • Height5ft 5inches
  • Weight147 Pounds (66 KG)
  • EducationMeiji University
  • Horoscope Leo
Tsutomu Miyazaki

Tsutomu Miyazaki is a Japanese serial killer, cannibal, and necrophile who dered four young girls in Saitama and Tokyo Prefectures from August 1988 to June 1989. Moreover, his crimes included vampirism and the preservation of body parts as trophies. Furthermore, he was also called different names such as The Otaku Murderer and The Little Girl Murderer.

He was convicted of kidnapping and brutally murdering 4 minor girls between 1988-and 1989. However, there could have been more similar unreported and unknown murders that to unknown to the public to date.

Who Is Tsutomu Miyazaki? Know His Bio (Wiki)

Tsutomu Miyazaki was born on August 21, 1962, near Itsukaichi, Tokyo, Japan. As mentioned above, he was popular as the Little Girl Murderer or the Otaku Murderer. Also a cannibal and a necrophile, he was apparently influenced by Japanese anime and po*nography. He used to store the body parts of his victims as trophies.

Miyazaki’s premature birth left him with deformed hands, which were permanently gnarled and fused directly to the wrists, which meant he needed to move his entire forearm in order to rotate the hand. Due to his deformity, he was ostracized when he attended Itsukaichi Elementary School.

He attended Meidai Nakano High School in Nakano, Tokyo, and was a star student until his grades dropped dramatically. He ranked 40 out of 56 in his class and did not receive the customary admission to Meiji University. Moreover, he attended a local junior college and studied to become a photo technician.

He had a tortured childhood and did not have good relations with his parents or siblings. He was supported only by his grandfather. Later after the death of his grandfather in 1988, he became isolated and went into depression. A few days next, one of his sisters caught him watching her as she was taking a shower. She told him to leave and he responded by attacking her. When his mother came to identify the incident, she scolded him and he hit her as well.

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What is the Height of Tsutomu?

Talking about Tsutomu Miyazaki, He has a height of 5feet 5inches and is famous for The Otaku Murderer or The Little Girl Murderer. His first mark was a four-year-old girl called Mari Konno. It wasn’t long behind that he continued his killings and murdered three more young girls. The murders horrified the general public and he became known as the ‘The Little Girl Murderer’ in the media.

How Much is Tsutomu Miyazaki’s Net Worth?

Later in the period between August 1988 and June 1989, Tsutomu abducted 4 minor girls (4-7 years old) and mutilated and killed them. He then sexually assaulted their corpses. He even went to the range of eating the hand of one of his victims. Tsutomu continued to lead a normal life during the daytime and in society. He wrote letters to the families of the victims detailing the murders. He would further give ‘blank phone calls’ to the victim’s families.

His noted victims were: Mari Konno, 4, Masami Yoshizawa, 7, Erika Namba, 4, and Ayako Nomoto, 5. He also filmed many of his crimes. Additionally, the Japanese serial killer has an estimated net worth of  $6,974.80 before he hanged up to death.

Miyazaki’s Personal Life (Affairs And Murders)

Talking about Miyazaki’s affairs, one day, his sister caught him observing her while she was taking a shower. On asking him to leave the site, he pushed her. When his mother interrupted and advised him to spend more time at work rather than on videos, he attacked her also. But both these crimes were unreported and neither was any medical or psychological assistance sought.

Moreover, he had a troubled childhood and did not have good relations with his parents or siblings. He was only supported by his grandfather. After the loss of his grandfather in 1988, he became quite isolated and went into depression.

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How Old Is Tsutomu?

Coming up to Tsutomu Miyazaki’s age, Miyazaki died at the age of 45 years old. Moreover, if Tsutomu was still alive, he would be 56 years old as an old-fashioned Japanese serial killer.

Besides, Tsutomu was engaged in some misdeed with a girl in the park. On comprising faced by the girl’s father, he escaped but came back later to retrieve his car. The girl’s father had informed the police who then laid a trap for Tsutomu and caught him. His house was searched and various books, videotapes, and body remains were found.

As a result, he faced trial, even his father refused to pay his legal fees and committed suicide in 1994. Tsutomu denied apologizing to the victims’ parents and said that he had done ‘an act of benevolence. Tsutomu Miyazaki was arrested and the trial started in 1990 he was sentenced to death on 14 April 1997. Later, he was officially hanged on 17 June 2008.