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    The MTV hit reality show, Floribama Shores star Nilsa Prowant earns a good net worth helping her to live a luxurious lifestyle in Florida, USA. After the end of season 2 of the show Floribama Shores, people were wondering what happened to Nilsa?

    Well, guys According to TMZ, Nilsa Prowant and all the other cast of the Floribama Shores are shooting for the season 3. On July 6, 2019, Nilas was arrested by the Police. What was the reason? We’re gonna tell you more about her mishap and her luxurious lifestyle.

    Nilsa Prowant’s Net Worth. Find out her Income Sources

    The 25-year-old actress earned a net worth of $300,000 from her career in the entertainment industry. Prowant is the star of the reality show Floribama Shores from which she gained a lot of her wealth and fame.

    Nilsa Prowant in the photoshoot

    There are no exact details of how much Nilsa Prowant salary is from the series but according to Business Insider, a reality star receives around $15,000 per episode. Nilsa might be receiving a similar amount as a salary on average.

    Besides her career in the entertainment industry, Nilsa is also a make-up artist and a model. From her career as Make-up artist, Prowant earns a salary of $27,740 on average. And not just that, her modeling career also feed her an income of $32,000 to $48,000.

    Nilsa Prowant’s Career

    The 25-year-old started her career right from an early age. Nilsa featured in a baby magazine when she was very small. That is the start of her career in the entertainment industry.

    After completing her high school, Prowant took the training in make-up and in 2014, Nilsa participated in a beauty contest. Prowant participated in the beauty contestant and also won the Miss Florida Palm State Queen.

    Nilsa Prowant (left) with her co-star Gus Smyrnios (right) in the show Floribama Shores

    But it was in 2017, Nilsa started to make her mark among the audience. Prowant featured in the MTV show Floribama Shores alongside the cast like Kortni Gilson, Aimee Hall, Jeremiah Buoni, Gus Smyrnios, Candace Rice, Codi Butts, and many more.

    The show focuses on the lives of eight young adults who have a summer of fun. It is a reality show just like Jersey Shore and in fact, the show is created by the makers of Jersey Shore. According to TMZ, Nilsa and all the cast member is shooting for the third season.

    Nilsa Prowant’s Rumors

    After gaining fame from the show, Nilsa received a fair share of rumors and controversies, mostly, for her relationships. But recently, Nilsa was flashing people her private organ on the street according to TMZ.

    She was arrested by the police for doing so and also for vandalizing property. According to the reports, Nilsa was under the influence thus, supporting her behavior. After paying $400 bail, Nilsa exited the police custody.

    Nilsa Prowant’s House, Cars, and Lifestyle

    The 25-year-old lives in a Florida house with her parents. Her house is worth $233,700 in today’s’ market price. She is not that active on Instagram so, any details regarding her cars is not known.

    Nilsa, however, lives a luxurious lifestyle with her friends. Prowant mostly spends her time by going on vacation in exotic locations with her friends.