What is Jessica Andrea Net Worth? All Sources of Income

As the wheel of entertainment continues to spin and new artists such as Jessica Andrea are sought to play the roles for a change. If you are Youtube junk, then you must have come across musician, songwriter Andrea. Jessica also has stolen the limelight as the wife of American rapper Robert Bryson Hall II, aka Logic. Are you curious about her source income? Her net worth? If yes, we must say this article is for you.

Jessica has a huge follow-up of over 622 thousand fans on Instagram when it comes to her social media, more than 200k followers on Twitter and nearly 600k subscribers on her YouTube channel named after Its Jess Andrea. So, without further ado, let’s start.

Jessica Andrea’s Source of Income

As we all know, she is a huge social media influencer, so must of her earning composed from a social media platform. Jessica began her career as a musician and later began working for several songs as a vocalist. Jessica used to work with her ex-husband, Logic, and she became famous with him for songs such as Flexicution, Bang Bang, and Under Pressure.

Jessica Andrea
Image: Jessica Andrea Paid partnership with natureboxbeauty

In the same way, her cover song, Habits has gained popularity with more than a million views on her YouTube channel. Then in May 2017, the background vocalist launched her breakthrough song, “Medicine.” Her each social media posts earns her hundreds of posts. Timely she also works in ads, commercials, and models for a branded company which earns her hundreds of grants.

Jessica Andrea’s Net Worth

Jessica’s net worth as of 2019 is $3 million. Her net worth further increased after the split with her then-husband Logic. She received some cash as a divorce settlement. In 2017, former spouse Logic surprised Jessica with a brand new car.

As per some of the reliable source, Jessica earns monthly $26$422 from her Youtube videos. Likewise, yearly, she earns $316$5.1 thousands yearly solely from her Youtube videos. Looking at her Instagram feed, we can totally assume she is a big travel junky. As she often posts a picture of herself enjoying her life without any kind of drama and scandals.

Jessica Andrea
Image: Jessica Andrea enjoying her holiday in Nevada, USA

On February 25 she posted a picture relaxing in Palms Casino Resort without any companion. Then again in January, she treated herself in Benefit’s Roller Liner Diner. Most of her exploring is in United State itself. To get to know Jessica from closer proximity follows her Instagram page.