Where is Rebecca Soteros Now? Know about her Family & Children

Like most celebrity girlfriends and wives, our cynosure personality today, we have brought you the details about the partner of popular Hollywood star. She is none other than the Rebecca Soteros girlfriend of late megastar Paul Walker. She has given birth to the child of her former partner Walker.

There are thousands of people all around the world who wants to know more about Soteros and what she is doing. If you are one of them, we suggest you read the article down below. So, without further ado, let’s get into the article.

Who is Rebecca Soteros?

As said before, Rebecca Soteros is a former partner of Paul Walker. Both the star were pretty serious about each other, but not everything went as planned, and they broke up after dating for two years only. The couple shared a child together in 1998.

Image: Rebecca Soteros with her ex-partner Paul Walker

Besides, being a former partner of Paul, Rebecca is an American high school teacher. She attended California’s Village Christian School, where Paul Walker attended the same college. In 1992, she graduated from college and went on to obtain an education bachelor’s degree. Shortly after graduating from university, she began her teaching career. When she and Paul Walker started to dating in their early 20s, Rebecca started to to get media attention.

Rebecca Soteros
Image: Paul Walker with Rebecca Soteros and his daugther

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Rebecca was pregnant for Walker earlier in 1998. She then asked him to marry her, but Walker made it clear that he had a strictly causal relationship with her and not one that involved love, although Rebecca felt the other way around. Walker also said he was not ready to get married at that moment. It broke Rebecca’s heart that Walker wasn’t considering getting married to her even though she was pregnant with her kid, and it is one of the reasons that led to her eventual breakup soon after she laid down.

Where is Rebecca Soteros now?

After her ex-boyfriend’s death, Paul Walker, Rebecca’s details are close to non-existence. After giving birth to her kid and breaking up with Walker, she moved to Hawaii where she resumed teaching. Later, she moved back to California, where she and her daughter presently reside.

Rebecca is not married and does not have a record of ever being married till now. She is also famous as Rebecca McBrain. Soteros has been mistaken for Iron Maiden’s Drummer’s wife, Nicko McBrain‘s wife who responds to the same name as her, Rebecca McBrain.

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Rebecca Soteros’s Family

Mark Soteros and Julie Ann Soteros are the parents of Rebecca. Her mother Julie died just at the age of 48 in July 2004. In the same way, her parents also have son called Joshua SoterosRebecca’s younger brother. There are no further details about Soteros’s family member.