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    Ashley Brewer is certainly the dream wife for many sports fan across the globe. Brewer is the perfect combination of the beauty with the brains. But is she Married?

    Well, that’s the question many of her fans want to know the answer of. Ashley keeps her dating life very secret and many rumors float around her dating life. But don’t worry guys, you came to the right place. We’ll figure out the lucky guy that is dating her, that is if the guy is present.

    What is Ashley Brewer Married Status? Who is her Husband?

    The ABC7 reporter, Ashley likes to keep the fans guessing about her relationship status. Is she dating? Is she Married? Nobody has the precise answer to these question except Ashley herself.

    (From right to left) Ashley Brewer’s mother, chase, Abby, Connor, Ashley, Charles, and her Father

    Ashley relationship is a beautiful conundrum as fans get to dream of her as their wife. But as per our reports, Ashley Brewer is unmarried and why? we don’t exactly know the reason for that. This is her current marital status, ‘single’ as she is looking for the right guy to spend the rest of her life with.

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    There is a hint of her Dating someone.

    Ashley Brewer is definitely not married but she was in a dating relationship with someone. On April 3, 2011, Ashley tweeted about her problem in keeping the relationship. She wrote,

    “I have problems. I don’t do boyfriends. hahaha, @cathwagner.”

    After 7-years of posting this tweet, Ashley made a contrary move with respect to her tweet. On February 15, 2018, after Valentine’s Day, she went on a date with LA Kings Mascot. She went on a date in and around Valentine’s Day triggering rumors in the media.

    Ashley Brewer (left) with LA Kings Mascot on Valentine’s Day

    But Ashley Brewer is a just a huge fan of LA Kings and she took the mascot out for a date to show her love for the team. Besides that, there are no reports suggesting precisely that Ashley has someone special in her life. This may be because Ashley never talked about her dating life with anybody.

    However, we can be sure as of now that Ashley’s relationship status is single.

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    Ashley Brewer’s Past Relationship

    On September 10, 2018, Ashley told in an interview that, she was previously in a dating relationship. But in all of those relationships, Ashley never found the right guy. Duh! if she did then probably she would be married now, isn’t it?

    According to Brewer, her former boyfriends were not good at all. They were all very mean to her and she had to get out of that toxic relationship. She said,

    “I’m about to sign up every twitter troll who has said mean things to me. How about my ex-boyfriends too while we’re at it?”

    Ashley Brewer reporting a football match for ABC7

    Maybe because of these rocky relationships, Ashley never thought about ringing the wedding bells. Ashley Brewer is focused on her work as of now, as she is appearing as the cast member of The Bachelors: Winter Games. Brewer is leaving on destiny’s hand to find the perfect partner for her.