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    Big fan of James Corden then you must know who Reggie Watts is. Watts is an American Musician who is the leader of the house band for James Corden Show, The Late Late Show With James Corden. The lead man for the house band has many secret lovers around the world, especially who are the fans of The Late Show.

    Reggie Watts is not just an amazing musician but equally a fabulous comedian. Ladies love humor and music, this guy has talent from both the world. It’s been a couple of years now, the rumors of his alleged girlfriend are floating around. So, what’s the truth? Reggie’s in a relationship or he is secretly married? What’s the fuzz, let’s find out.

    Who is Reggie Watts Wife? Is he Married?

    Well, guys, this is one of the top ten most searched questions about Reggie Watts. Like you there are many out there who wants a genuine answer to the question. There are lots of rumors out there but we can surely say, Reggie Watts, is definitely not married.

    How do we know that? Well, we heard it from his mouth. Reggie said, he is definitely unmarried and looking for the right one to spend the rest of his life with. So, now that we know he is not in a marital relationship but there is still the question unanswered, Does he have a girlfriend or spouse?

    Reggie Watts talks about his Girlfriend…

    The 47-year-old musician was rumored to be in a relationship with ballet dancer Andrea Feyler. Is she the one? There is no definitive answer as we cannot confirm their relationship status. Both of them posts a lot of pictures reflecting their togetherness on Instagram and Twitter.

    Reggie Watts (left) with Andrea Feyler (right) celebrating her birthday at the club

    Andrea and Watts are often spotted together on many occasions. For instance, Andrea enjoyed Reggie’s company at the Big Sur, California and also at the Marciano Art Foundation. With all the pictures, there is a conundrum about their relationship among the fans. Are they friends or more than that?

    Well, if we are to take the statement from Reggie Watts when he said,  “he is single”, then Andrea and Watts are just friends. Reggie Watts is currently single but that does not mean he has not dated any women in the past. Mr. Charming has dated a few ladies in the past which he has talked about in more than one occasion.

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    Reggie Watts past Relationship and any Rumors

    Watts has had many girlfriends in the past but the one he remembers is his first love. First love is very special and the one that is remembered by everyone. So does Reggie as he posted the picture of his first love on December 24, 2012, on Twitter.

    Reggie Watts posted the picture of his first girlfriend on his Twitter Account

    Not just that, in an interview with Vice, Reggie opened up about losing his virginity when he was 20-year-old. Reggie is a fun-loving person and he stays away from any rumors or controversies.