Quick Facts of Zayden Banks

What is Zayden Banks Networth? Who is he dating?, and How old is he?

Zayden Banks is well recognizable in media and got to fame being the son of Lil Durk, an American Rapper and songwriter.

The article uncovers the Life, networth, and parents of the rapper’s son, you would enjoy discovering.

Zayden Banks Age 

Along with six children, Zayden took birth in this world from Father Lil Durk on September 9, 2015. His parents celebrated the day with joy. The announcement of his birth became viral on Facebook and Twitter. He got into the limelight, and many people gave him attention after that. 


Zayden Bank’s Father, popular rapper Lil Durk. Image Source: @lilDurk 

Zayden Banks celebrates his birthday every September on 9. He turned 5 last September. Lil Durk was just seventeen when he became the father of his first child. 

Zayden Banks Parents: His Mother

The child’s biological mother is unknown yet, but the foster mother took care of him after turning three years old. The name of the foster mother is Zephoria Fortenberry. Along with five other siblings, Zayden had combined stepmothers like Nicole Covone and India Royale.

Zayden Bank Posing For Photograph. Image Source: @lilDurk 

After such random dates of Bank’s father, his siblings came to see this world. However, Mother India Royale is still taking care of all six children. Zayden Banks enjoys his life with Father Lil and Mother India together.

The celebrity child has an Instagram account @zayden_banks with 2300 followers. Unfortunately, the account is private, so many people mightn’t be able to get into it and explore it further. Mother India Royale has Instagram with the username India Royale. and Father Lil Durk with Username @lilDurk 

Lil Durk Zayden Banks

This starkid has been able to stand together with the caring father Zayden Banks till now. There is a good relationship between them as Lil Durk will be taking care of him further as well.

Zayden Banks Father and Step Mother India Royale Together. Image Source: @lilDurk 

Lil Durk thinks his child should never grow up on the street with gangsters, so he has been giving his son a good environment that is free of crimes and all. Lil Durk’s father is still imprisoned because of some illegal weapon case. That thing has made a strong impact on him to keep his son out of such violence. 

Zayden Banks Networth

This child is still underage to earn and grow all by himself. He is taken care of by his father, and he shares his net worth with him. Along with six other children, It might be difficult for the rapper to manage and settle things u. However, They all together share a total net worth of around $5 million. He earns around $3 million annually.

Zayden  flexing
Zayden Banks flexing. Image Source: @lilDurk  

However, the family complications are, The father always takes care of the family members. We can see the same efforts in this family. The six children and couple of India and Lil Durk have been living luxurious and satisfying life together happily.  

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