Howard Stern's ex-wife Alison Berns

Alison Berns is a Psychoanalyst and an actress who grabbed the spotlight after her relationship with Howard Stern. You might have heard about Alison Berns but in this article, we have gone through some of her interesting facts.

So, let’s take a detour in Alison Berns’ life and know some of her interesting facts. We will go through some quick five facts about Howard’s former wife.

Alison Berns And Howard Stern’s Married life

The actress Berns and Howard got married on June 4, 1978, at the Temple Ohabei Shalom. Alison and Howard met each other at college in Boston in 1972. The couple introduced each other through a common friend.

Alison Berns (right) and her ex-husband Howard Stern (left)

Stern and Berns fell in love with each other when Howard decided to cast Alison in his first short film. The duo fell hopelessly in love with each other and decided to tie the knot in 1978. Their married relationship went well for 20 years before taking a fall after work commitments from both of them.

Howard and Alison both are workaholics and it caused a conflict in their relationship and divorced in 2001. The pair are proud parents of Emily Beth Stern, Debra Jennifer Stern, and Ashley Jade Stern.

How Rich Is Alison Bern?

Alison Bern’s net worth is $20 million. How did she earn this hefty fortune? Well, Alison collected a lot of money from her career as an actress. She worked in many television shows and movies.

Some of her debut films are Negligee and Underpants Party which helped her to add assets in her property. Not just that, Alison is also a radio and TV personality who has hosted many shows earning a handsome payment for her contribution.

Additionally, after her divorce with Howard Stern, Alison received a heavy fortune during divorce settlements. Howard has the net worth of $650 million and after the divorce settlement, Alison’s wealth soared up to $20 million.

Alison Bern After Divorce

After the divorce, Alison exchanged wedding vows with David Simon in 2001. Not much information is known about her current spouse David. Alison and David both avoid media attention so, there is less information about their relationship.

Alison Berns and David Simon million dollar mansion

She is living a happy married life with David and is proud mom of three children out of which the most famous one is Emily. Bern is living with her family in a million dollar mansion now.

Alison Bern’s Ex-Husband Howard Stern. What About him?

After the divorce, Howard realized his fault in the marriage. He realized how bad father and husband he was. He learned a valuable lesson from his first marriage and now is using his lessons onto his second marriage.

Howard started to date Angie Everhart and Robin Givens which caught the media attention. However, he finally settled down with TV host and model, Beth Ostrosky.

Alison Berns Suffered A Miscarriage

Howard Stern in his radio show jokingly told the listeners that Alison Berns died in a car accident. And in another joke, Stern said that Alison suffered from Miscarriage and also said,

“We got him in formaldehyde. Just because he’s in a bottle doesn’t mean he can’t have a life of his own.”

These are some interesting five facts about Alison Berns. For more updates stay in touch with us.