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Beth Ostrosky Stern is an American actress who has a net worth of $20 million. She is the spouse of an American radio personality Howard Stern whose wealth is $650 million. Forbes listed Howard in their highest earning celebrities list.

If you guys are curious about the source of income of Howard and Beth, then you are at the right place. Let’s explore all the details.

Beth Ostrosky Stern’s Net Worth

The famous wife of Howard Stern, Beth accumulated her assets from her pretty successful multiple careers. Her net worth is $20 million as of 2019. Beth worked as an actress, TV Personality, and a model. Not just that, Ostrosky puts her intelligent mind to great use as well.

Her investment in Private equity has helped to increase the amount in her bank balance. When talking about her net worth, how can we forget her spouse’s wealth? He is one of the most famous celebrities and the richest as well. His bank balance has a number of zeros than most of us can ever imagine it to be ours.

Beth Ostrosky Stern and her spouse Howard Stern
Beth Ostrosky Stern and her spouse Howard Stern

Howard Stern accumulated the wealth of around $650 million according to Forbes. Furthermore, he is named in the list of highest paid celebrities in the world. We’ll talk about more of how Howard Stern gained his assets a little later. But first, let’s find Beth Stern’s source of income.

Know The Successful Career Of Beth Ostrosky Stern

This gorgeous actress Ostrosky started her career as a model when she was still in high school. She made good bucks by appearing in her first film as Ben Stiller‘s alleged daughter. The film was Flirting with Disaster and the debut was a success for the young Beth.

Mrs. Stern played even more roles here and there before bagging another notable performance in Whipped. The movie also featured Amanda Poet and the audience was impressed by her acting. Besides that, Beth appeared in a number of TV shows like G4-Show Filter and the Spike TV series Casino Cinema.]

Additionally, Beth was praised for being the sexiest women as she bagged the title four times. The year 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2007 saw Beth as the top 100 Sexiest Women of the year of FHM.

Beth earns from her book as well. She penned books like Oh My Dog: How to Choose, Care for the Best Friend, and Yoda: The Story of a Cat and its Kittens. From her highly successful career, no one can deny that the sexy actress has earned millions of dollars.

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Beth’s Husband Multi-Million Dollar Deal

As we’ve already discussed Howard Stern’s net worth. Here let’s find out his endorsement deals from which he made millions. Howard is the most profitable celebrities across the globe and the most famous one as well.

His deal with Sirius XM saw him awarded with whopping $500 million for five-year in 2005. But the deal has ever since renewed two times in 2010 and 2015. His show The Howard Stern Show attracts a number of sponsors and endorsements, profiting him.

Howard Stern hosting his show in Sirius XM.

On the other hand, Howard Stern eyes other sources of income too. The signing of $1 million deal to publish his first book and the movie of the same book made $40 million on ticket sales. His job as a judge in America’s got Talent adds $15 million in his account.

Finally, we can say, Beth, is a multi-million dollar individual and definitely enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. Even though being super rich and super famous, Both the couple is very grounded and humble. We wish them all the best for their new ventures.


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