Do you know what is the gorgeous lady,Alexa Carolina Dellanos aka Alexa Dellanos’s relationship with Myrka Dellanos? If you don’t, then let us tell you that Alexa is a celebrity kid who rose to stardom as the only child of a famous Hollywood actor.

She is also a TV and radio host, author, journalist, and socialite Myrka Dellanos.

Further, she is well-recognized for her appearances on the big screen, such as Primer Impacto: edición Nocturna in 1994, En only con Myrka Dellanos in 2005, Ver para Creer in 2001, and many others. 

One of the trending celebrities, Dellanos is a prominent Instagram model, actress, fashion model, YouTuber, lifestyle content creator, and social media influencer from one of the most beautiful cities of the United States of America, widely famed for her risqué photos and works with Faces and Faces International

Further, the lovely lady frequently posts about her lifestyle and meme-inspired photos on her official Instagram account and every post is liked and commented on by her millions of fans followers.

To date, the princess has gathered an enormous base of fans followers on her social media handles, i.e, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Besides her profession, the Instagrammer loves to travel and enjoys natural beauty alongside her family.

So, wasting no time, let’s dive into this article and explore more about her net worth, relationship status, past affairs, and more. But let’s first start with her personal life and past affairs:

Is Instagram Model Alexa Dellanos Dating Someone? Know About Her Relationship and Affairs.

The twenty-eight-year-old, accomplished model, Alexa, is an active social media user but does not like to be close to media personals. It seems the diva is very much private about her personal life as she has kept her lips locked when the matter comes to her private life; Dellanos keeps posting photos of her work only on her social media handles.

However, she’s also grabbed a million heartthrobs of several boys of her generation and also has been climbing the ladder of success day after day. Like many other well-known celebrities, the girl keeps her personal life private, which means the princess hasn’t publicly uttered anything regarding her affairs and relationships.

Famous Instagram model, Alexa Dellanos with her boyfriend, Alec. Image Source @alexadellanos

Observing her IG page, the queen is found with a stranger spending time and is spotted posting pictures with a guy named Alec Monopoly on her Instagram account. Her partner is a well-known street artist from New York City and their social media pictures indicate that their relationship is going well, as the lovebird seems to be having a blast together.

More About her Personal Life

Though the lady has not admitted him as her boyfriend anywhere, going through their respective Instagram accounts, the two seem to be in a romantic relationship. But surprisingly, Alec has never disclosed his full face in any of the pictures, and the mystery man is seen showing his eye parts only.

Alexa only showed his half face in the media. Image Source La Neta Noticias

So far, we can only speculate that something romantic is going on between the lovebirds. Hence the unmarried Instagram personality is suspected of sharing a strong bond with Monopoly. Besides this, there is no further news regarding her past affairs and relationships, and the star has no children.

Concerning her online presence, Miss. Dellanos is an active user of Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. On her Instagram account, the lady has huge fan followers of 9.7 million with more than 59 posts.

Is It True That Alexa And Her Millionaire Lover No Longer Together?

The young and rising star Dellanos has her luxurious vacations with her boyfriend Monopoly, first in California, then Monaco, and now Saint-Tropez. Mykra’s daughter has lent herself to her lover.

Likewise, the lovey-dovey couple also took a helicopter ride and lounged on mega yachts. But, there is a rumor that the two separate ways; however, it is not confirmed yet.

Alexa and her millionaire partner flaunt their wealth in envy-inducing snaps from luxurious winter getaways. Image source

Furthermore, the handsome hunk is professionally known as Alec Monopoly, a street artist who has served in the urban environment of Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico, Europe, and all through Asia, utilizing changed materials to portray different famous pop culture characters.

In addition to this, the good-looking guy is a brand ambassador with Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer and made a mural live on the red carpet for the 2013 film Justin Bieber’s Believe.

Holds Millions Of Net Worth

Being a social media personality with a lot of fan followers, Alexa Dellanos reportedly makes a huge earning and has maintained an excellent net worth out of her profession. However, the famous Instagram model has not disclosed the exact figure of her sole net worth. 

But, we can assume that her net value might be in six-digit figures in 2022 and must be earning a decent sum of money from her thriving career working as a model and social media star, post and endorsements deals, ad-campaigns which she posted on social media such as Instagram.

As the lady amassed immense fans’ followers on her Instagram, she collected a huge sum of money from it. Also, the beautiful lady is an experienced international model too.

Gorgeous, Alexa Dellanos flaunts her lavish lifestyle. Image Source Instagram

Per experts, her estimated earnings per post are between $2,285.5 and $3,796.5. Of course, the star was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, with a mother, Myrka Dellanos and a dad who has an amazing career as a medical doctor; it is certain that as a child, she has met all of her requirements and enjoys all of her parent’s fortune as well.

What about her parents?

Well, her mom Myrka holds an impressive worth of $16 Million with $3 Million as her salary per annum. Additionally, the prominent personality is also a philanthropist and has been a part of many charity works concerning children. Also, she worked as an international spokesperson for Save the Children.

Meanwhile, her dad Alejandro has an estimated net worth of double-million figures. Although her net worth of millions is not her own, Alexa looks spending quite a luxurious life. Being the daughter of a famous actress and journalist, the juvenile owns various expensive automobiles, riches and ornaments and other belongings which her momma might also own.

Alexa Dellanos’s mom and her daughter enjoy a lucrative sum of money being one of the renowned faces of the entertainment field. Image Source YouTube

Hence, the girl is still active in the modeling industry; hence her net worth will surely increase even more in the coming days and working for a famous brand has surely pocketed her a big amount of money.

Besides this, a fashion model grew up in the United States of America and still lives there, although her career takes her worldwide. Dellanos lives a luxurious lifestyle in their home sweet home with her partner with such earnings.

Earnings From Social Media Platforms

Not to mention, Alexa is an active social media user who keeps uploading photos of herself on her social media pages at a regular interval.

As of July 2022, the princess has garnered a huge fan following throughout her career. An Instagram model has amassed 9.7 million followers on her Instagram handle, 176K on her Twitter, a 2.9million on TikTok, and 37.6k subscribers on YouTube.

In America, the average pay is $3,000 per post on an Instagram account, in the same way, the diva might be receiving her revenue in the same figures. Besides this, the star is also a model for BangEnergy, Energy Drink, for some time.

Fashion model, Alexa Dellanos makes $9000 per photo post while traveling the world. Image Source

According to, her channel makes $2 to $33 as estimated monthly earnings and $25 to $395 as estimated yearly earnings.

Furthermore, the girl also works for different model agencies and also earns money from @shopflexbody, where the star sells sustainable activewear made with recycled materials for women.

With such a whooping sum of money, an internet sensation relishes a happy and healthy life with his family in his hometown.

When and Where Was Alexa Dellanos Was Born?

Born on 30 December 1993 as Alexa Carolina Dellanos, the multi-talented personality Dellanos is her 28-years of her age as of 2022. Likewise, the girl was born and brought up in the United States, under the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

As per nationality, the queen holds American nationality and belongs to the Caucasian race. Further, the girl was born to Dr. Alejandro Loynaz and journalist Myrka Dellanos. In contrast, she is the only child of her parents; so there is no reason to have any data about having any siblings.

Instagram Model, Alexa Dellnos’s earlier videos with her mom and dad. Image Source YouTube

Furthermore, the diva rose to fame through her mother’s journalism career. As she grew older, the lady carved out her own path as a model and started sharing sizzling and stunning photos on Instagram, a social media platform that allows people to share videos and photos.

Additionally, the star obtained her secondary education from a reputed school, as she has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Miami. The queen was a hard-working and devoted student plus cherished by her instructors in high school.

Beautiful lady, Alexa Dellanos with her gorgeous mom and grandmom. Image Source Instagram

Parents Married life

When an internet personality was just four years old, her parents, Myrka and Dr. Alejandro parted ways in 1998, making her the only child between her parents. Moreover, the lovely couple who married in 1991 celebrated their marital life for seven years. Witnessing the separation of her parents was not that easy experience for Alexa.

After the separation from Loynaz, her mom remarried Ulysses Daniel Alonso, who was later arrested on domestic battery charges. Besides, her mama was also in a relationship with Luis Miguel for two years; her mom holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Alexa Dellanos’s parents, Myrka Dellanos and Dr. Alejandro. Image Source Univision

Not to mention, divorce always affects their children. Sadly, an Instagrammer faced a lot of trauma after her parents gave up on their marriage. Later, her mom’s love life never got any better. Thus, the girl decided to raise Alexa as a single mom while focusing on her career.

Journey To The Stardom

Beauty with the brain, Alexa Dellanos has a very beautiful appearance and the queen has very attractive features. The lady has always been interested in modeling and becoming a social media sensation; her IG account marked the start of her online modeling career. 

Furthermore, the cute girl is also active on TikTok and has over two million followers on the platform where she frequently uploads dancing, lip-syncing, and other types of fun content. Also, she had over a million views, likes, and followers on her channel as a result of several of her TikTok videos going viral.

Alexa Dellanos’s Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial. Image Source YouTube

In addition to this, the icon has started uploading her videos to YouTube and has uploaded a number of beautiful and stunning images to her Instagram account. 

Her Breast, and Butt Surgery

Millions of fans are accusing her of being false for filtering some photos in which the girl posed without surgery and even users have accused her of undergoing different procedures to look like the diva does today. Moreover, the Instagram account Beauty false places a present photo of Dellanos and one from a few years before.

Gorgeous Alexa Dellanos had her Breast and Butt Surgery. Image Source Instagram

Nevertheless, it is still unclear if it is her account as the 28 years old social media phenomenon has embraced Kardashian style by showcasing her luxuries, curves, and body surgeries. Allegedly, the bold and beautiful lady Alexa underwent plastic surgery in the summer of 2019.

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