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Before grasping the facts about the main topic, it is necessary to know who the Anna Kendrick really is. Well, it’s not the time to blink the eyes and think. Her fans surely can say that Tony-nominated actress Anna Kendrick portrayed Jessica, Bella Swan‘s friend, in the Twilight movies, based on teenage vampire novels from Stephanie Meyer.

There are 49 untold stories about Anna Kendrick and Her love life which goes like this:

1. Her parents were happy with what she was doing. They would frequently drive her from Portland to New York City for her auditions.

2. She is keeping the same manager, Kim Matuka from her age 10.

3. On April 5, 2014, Kendrick entertained the audience for the first time with “Saturday Night Live”.

4. She is fond of pastry making and high-end baking.

5. She stayed out for the tickets and loved to watch from the front row of the performance of The Strokes.

6. She is the devotee of Lord Of The Rings and does an annual marathon of the lengthened editions.

7. She came in LCD Soundsystem’s music video “Pow Pow.”

8. She was in the romance with director Edgar Wright from 2009 to 2013.

9. She has been connected with American Idol alum Adam Lambert as close friends since they were teens.

10. She agreed to the fact that she desires Taco Bell.

11. She is the greatest fan of Beyonce.Se loves to call herself Beyonce “fangirl.”

12. She arrived in an online Super Bowl ad for Newcastle.
13. When she had free time, she served as a pastry shop for two weeks.

14. Kendrick and Edgar Wright became known to each other in the 2009 production of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.”

15. She enjoys watching old screwball comedies.

16. Her shortlisted favorite comedies are “Hot Fuzz” and”Wet Hot American Summer”.

17. She loves to have a pet animal with her. She has a hot dog dubbed after her in one of the Chicago’s restaurants.

18. She has an older brother.

19. Her brother Michael Cooke Kendrick dabbles in playing.

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Anna Kendrick with boyfriend photos
Anna Kendrick with boyfriend photos

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20. She was the one after two youngest people, ever chosen for a Tony Award.

21. She received a Tony Award nomination for her role in “High Society” as Dinah Lord.

22. She got an Independent Spirit Award for her onscreen premiere in the film “Camp” in the category of Best Debut Performance.

23. Her first big film to lift up her career, however, was 2008’s “Twilight.”

24. When Kendrick stepped at age 24, she was nominated for an Oscar.

25. “Up In The Air” author Jason Reitman indicated that Kendrick was first he thought who would be perfect for the role.

26. Her job in “Up in the Air” was so appreciating that she earned a Golden Globe nomination for her hard work.

27. Her career inaugurated when she jumped from 9 years to 10 years old.

28. Professionally, her father is a history teacher.

29. Her mother is an accountant.

30. She was updated about her Oscar nomination while she was jogging at 5 am when her roomie phoned her.

31. Her song from “Pitch Perfect” i.e. “Cups (When I’m Gone)” enhanced a hit and climbed to No. 2 on Billboard’s Adult Pop Song chart.

32. Her favorite rap song is from Beastie Boys called “Get It Together”.

33. She made team to sing a duet of “For Good” with Kristin Chenoweth at Trevor Live.3

34. She is known Redditor.

35. She learned the song “Cups” from viral video posted on Reddit. She is fond of sweets.

36. She was sick when her first audition was about to go for the character of Jessica Stanley in “Twilight,” so the producers released her to recover for a later session.

37. Currently, she is busy in love with the filmmaker Ben Richardson.

38. She copies a style from Cate Blanchett.

39. Her choice for the slow-dance song is by Rufus Wainwright “Rebel Prince”.

40. She loves the man having stylish beards. She thinks herself a fan of beards.

41. She prepared the best cartoon video for Super Bowl campaign.

42. George Clooney cracked jokes of her while they were shooting Up in the Air because she was hopping back and forth between their set to the Twilight set.

43. She photographed a Funny or Die video with K-Pop group f(X).

44. She was cast in the video “Do it Anyway.”

45. She prepared a mash-up of Kesha and the little mermaid at the SNL.

46. Her older brother Michael already arrived in a 2000 independent film titled Looking for an Echo.

47. Her family has English Scottish and Irish ancestry.

48. She was able to make the US then president Barack Obama laugh with a killer joke.

49. She prefers sweets that arrive from a Japanese chain store in California called Famima.

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