Celebrity Daughter

Christiana Barkley is significantly famous as the daughter of NBA player Charles Barkley. She is the only daughter in the Barkley family and grew up along with her parents. Furthermore, the famous daughter of NBA Player grabbed a lot of attention because of a controversy.

What was the controversy about? Well, guys, to know more about the rumor and as well as her family and personal life, keep reading the article.

Christiana Barkley’s Family

Born in 1989, Barkley is the only child of NBA all-time star Charles Barkley. Charles tied the knot with his wife actress Maureen Blumhardt the same year, their daughter was born. The 30-years-old celebrity daughter lived with her parents in a mansion in Scottsdale in Arizona.

Maureen Blumhardt (right) with her daughter Christiana Barkley (left)

Her current residence is not disclosed, it is not clear whether she is living with her family or separately. In her personal life, Barkley is very secretive as she doesn’t like to disclose her information. However, we have some information about her father and mother.

Charles Barkley played basketball for a long time listing him in an all-star NBA team. He is listed in top 50 great players alongside LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry to name a few. Recently, he announced his top 5 NBA players this season.

Not just that, her mother is an actress and currently involved in social work. Maureen is the member of the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation which provides support, education, and other resources to women. They help all the women to live their life in a positive and resourceful way possible.

Christiana Barkley’s Career

The 30-year-old daughter of NBA all-star completed her degree in Journalism from Columbia University. However, she has not appeared in any of the TV news networks as of now. There is no clue whether she is working as a reporter, journalist or show producer in any of the news network across the USA.

She might be working in a completely different industry but so far there are no records of her professional life. Despite that, she is the owner of a net worth of $1 million may be from her parents’ estate.

Charles Barkley (left) with his daughter Christiana Barkley (right) at Sports News Network

Christiana Barkley Controversy

For the first time, Barkley grabbed a lot of attention by not being the daughter of NBA player but because of her viral pics on the internet. On Twitter, the celebrity daughter pics got leaked under the name of Ari.

It stirred a lot of controversy among the people as many were shocked to see her pics floating on the internet. She received a clean sheet after some deep investigation. The picture belongs to some other girl named Villanova whose face looks pretty similar to Barkley.

After the truth, the rumors settled down but it played as a catalyst in bringing fame to Barkley.

Her Personal Life and Married Life

As per many online tabloids, she is currently not married. Not just that, the famous daughter of NBA player leads a simple life. Any of the paparazzi failed to spot her with some guy who could potentially be her boyfriend.

Christiana Barkley (in the middle) with her family

Until and unless she comes out and announces her relationship status, we can assume that she is single and very happy. For further updates, keep reading Allstarbio.com.