Quick Facts of Damien Echols

Damien Echols

We all know people gather popularity, whether from very good deeds or either from a bad one. In today’s topic, we are going to bent a little from our usual stereotype and talk about a person who is best known for being convicted as teenagers in 1994. The person we are gushing about is none other than Damien Echols.

After the indicated, the case generated huge controversy and became the subject of several documentaries, along with his two friends, Jessie Misskelley. Jr, and Jason Baldwin, Damien, was accused of murdering three boys in West, Memphis, Arkansas. If you want to know the details about Damien’s life, we suggest you read the whole article.

Damien Echols’s Net Worth

Damien Echols was just 18 years when he was arrested for murder. So far, he might have earned some money before he went to the prism. However, the details about his profession and earnings are not mentioned. Also, there is no information about his net worth and salary in the media.


Damien came to limelight after he convicted as teenagers in 1994, of the 1993 murders of three boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, the United States. After the incident took place, Echols was sentenced to death. The case was the subject of many documentaries and created widespread controversy. Celebrities and musicians funded campaigns to free the people they claim are innocent.

Following2010 decision by Arkansas Supreme Court The West Memphis three reached a plea deal with prosecutors following a 2010 Arkansas Supreme Court ruling concerning newly created DNA evidence and alleged juror abuse. The three were released with 10-year suspended sentences having served 18 years. Previously, Echols was arrested for vandalism and shoplifting.

About Damien Echols

Damien Echols was born in the United States to a poor family who receives frequent visits from social workers. So far, Echols’ date of birth and birthplace is still not mentioned. Moreover, he rarely attended school. There is no information about his parents and siblings in the media. Nor, he has shared the details about his educational background.

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Relationship Status

Moving onto Damien Echols’s relationship status, he is a married man. Well, Damien tied the knot with his girlfriend Lorri Davis. Their love story is quite different than others, as they began dating each without even meeting. After watching Echols’ documentary, Lorri falls in love with him and started writing a letter. In 1996, the love birds met each other for the first time.

Damien Echols with his beloved wife
Damien Echols with his wife Lorri, Picture Source: Pinterest

Since then the couple began writing more and more and finally the even wrote a book. The two exchanged their vows at Tucker Max Security Unit in a Buddist ceremony in December 1999. At the time of their wedding, Echols was 24 while Lorri was 36. In an interview, Davis mentioned that,

It was the first time we were able to touch. While it was wonderful, I didn’t comprehend that for Damien, having people touching and hugging him was traumatic. He had been in solitary confinement and hadn’t been touched by anyone in six years.

Damien Echols with his son, Picture Source: Pinterest

Before his miserable life, Echols was in a relationship with his girlfriend Domini Teer. The duo had run off and late broken into a trailer during a rainstorm. At the time he got arrested, Damien was working part-time with a roofing company. Similary, Teer, and Echols were expecting their first child at the same time. They share a son named, Seth Echols.