Quick Facts of Daphne Zuniga

  • Full NameDaphne Zuniga
  • Net Worth$3 million
  • Date of Birth28 October, 1962
  • Marital Status Married
  • Birthplace Berkeley, California
  • Ethnicity Mixed
  • ProfessionActress
  • Nationality American
  • SpouseDavid Mleczko
  • EducationWoodstock Union High School

Daphne Zuniga is well known American actress. Besides, she has performed in several comedies such as Modern Girls, Spaceballs, The Sure Things and others.

Apart from this, she is an environmental activist, and she is the Earth Communication Office, founder member.

The Sure Thing gained positive changes and became profitable at the box office, earning above $18 million. Moreover, she then started appearing in various other movies and television series.

All in all, she gave her performance in over 70 films as an actress.

In early 1989 following her enormous talent and succeeding fame, she acted the lead character as Beth Logan in the science-fiction horror movie The Fly II beside Eric Stoltz, Lee Richardson, Harley Cross, and John Getz. The movie enhanced a blockbuster and grossed a sum of $38.9 million.

Daphne Zuniga Early Life

Daphne Zuniga was born in 1962 on 28 October in Berkeley, California. Regarding her academic background, she joined the Young Conservatory program of the San Francisco and large non-profit theater company American Conservatory Theater.

Later her parents separation, she and her sister transferred to studies in Vermont beside her mom and proceeded with her schooling at the Woodstock Union High School in Woodstock, Vermont and finished in 1980.

So, for further study, she went to her hometown of California and obtained at the University of California, Los Angeles, to pursue her career in theater arts.

Daphne Zuniga looks beautiful.
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The actress Zuniga was born to the parents Joaquin Alberto Zuniga Mazariegos and Agnes A. As she has a sister, her name is Jennifer Zuniga.

Daphne has been interested in acting since her childhood. Talking about her nationality, she is an American citizen, and she belongs to mixed ethnicity background of Guatemalan, Basque, Polish, and Finish.

Daphne Zuniga Career

Later completing her graduation, she started her career on-camera in the early 80s and made her debut as a Debbie during a performance in the horror movie, The Dorm That Dripped Blood.

Next, she acted in both television and films as well. Similarly, in 1983, she appeared in a TV film, Quarterback Princess.

Daphne Zuniga is from the movie Quarterback Princess
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After a year in 1984, she acted in movies Family Ties and The Initiation. Certain television projects involve Model Inc., Vision Quest, Stone Pillow, Mail Order Bride, Pandora’s Clock, Family Ties, and Christmas Do-Over.

Zuniga is widely known for her characters in TV series like American Dreams, Melrose Place, and One Tree Hill.

More on her Career

Later, in the 1985 slasher movie, in the Initiation, she performed the part of the twin sister, Kelly Fairchild and Terry Fairchild.

Plus, in the same year, she starred in the series Family Ties. Also, she presented in the 1985 romantic parody film.

Daphne Zuniga from the movie Initiation
Image Credit: Scream Magzine

Movies that she presented in like Those Left Behind, Heartbeats, A Remarkable Life, Driving Dough, When Duty Calls, On Strike for Christmas, Spaceballs:

The Animated Series, Monkey in the Middle, Search Engines, My Husband Is Missing, Adventures, The Wrong Babysitter, others more.

Additionally, she is represented as Lynne Kerr in the ABC Family drama series Beautiful People and guest arrivals in VH1 show Hindsight.

Later, she directed her first film, The Protege, Keenan Tracey and Jeannette Sousa, who cast Gates of Paradise opposite Jason Priestley in 2019.

Daphne Zuniga at the award function
Image Credit: POPSUGAR

In addition, she has worked as a producer for two movies. Daphne has won the LA Femme Filmmaker Award in the year 2008 for New Establishment Award. In contrast, she has won the Creative Spirit Award at the Santa Fe Film Festival.

Daphne Zuniga is an Environment activist.

Meanwhile, she has helped and supported many environmental campaigns through the years. The actress was a dynamic environment campaigner and incorporated in the various campaign.

In an interview, she said that she has been curious about ecological activities.

One day she traveled on a trip with her family to the Yosemite National Park and Yellowstone, where she gave services to plenty of non-profit organizations likewise, WaterKeeper, Alliance, Natural Resource Defense Council, Environment California.

She was a founding member of the Earth Communication Office.

Despite this, in 2009, she was selected for the Board of directors of Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation by LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Daphne Zuniga Relationship Status

The producer Zuniga is a married woman. Daphne and David Mleczko tie the knots in the year 2019 on 8 June. Mleczko is a businessman.

The couple’s marriage ceremony was held at Oleanna restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but the marriage event was poignant and secret.

Just 30 guests were invited to her wedding ceremony. The marriage was managed by the couple’s best friend, a NY Times bestselling author and teacher of Buddhist meditation practices, Sharon Salzberg.

The pair met at the show called blind date in 2007. Daphne and David dated for a long year, like 12 long years.

Daphne Zuniga and her spouse David Mleczko on their wedding day
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Before David, she was in a relationship with an American actor Jason Gedrick in the early year 1986.

After the breakup with Jason in 1988, she was having an affair with Emilio Estevez, an American actor. Currently, Daphne is happily married to her long-time boyfriend, David Mleczko.

Who is David Mleczko?

David Mleczko is a businessman, and he is the founder of a Marketing company. Mleczko was born in America.

At present, he lives in Los Angeles, California. Speaking about his academic background, he was always a brilliant boy. David proceeded to Brown University for his graduation.

David Mleczko
Image Credit: Wikiodin

Moreover, he was an excellent student at his university. Further, he is operating in the Signature Green Marketing and Public.

Daphne Zuniga Health Issue

Talking about her health, in 2004, the American actress was eating a lot of fish. As he was becoming health-conscious, this had led her to have a diet full of fish and low in calories. It would help to consider the average Hollywood stay-in-shape diet.

In 2005, she spelled out to ABC News that I was eating tuna four times a week and also she continued saying that I would go out for sushi and think, Oh great, at least we’re not going to Italian with all the oil and crabs.

Further about her Health

After eating the fish, she got a lot of mysterious symptoms, and she suffered from headaches. Besides, she also had cramps in her hand, fingers and feet. Further, she had a recurring tingling sensation as if someone was tickling her.

Rash occurred in her whole body and even in her legs. These feelings of tingling grew with time and became more serious. And her memory started to falter.

Even though she could not recall her script lines and even which she had memorized the night before. Also, recent memory was lacking too.

And Daphne said that I had crying spells, low-grading depression, loss of memory and brain fog which is where I would be thinking to you, and I would get disoriented. 

Daphne Zuniga’s The Diagnosis

The actress ate fish in the form of sushi four times a week in February 2004. It occurred an itchy rash all over her body, and she had to go for emergency care.

After she had visited many doctors and that time, the symptoms of her body continued unstoppable.

Daphne Zuniga recent image
Daphne Zuniga’s recent Picture. Image Credit: SuperstarBio

Moreover, she was confused and did not know what was happening to her, and she was a fix. Afterward, she started searching medical websites to know what was created for her health.

Daphne’s study in October 2004, an oft-quoted statistic from EPA research that said one in six-woman of the childbearing age gets elevated mercury levels. And the symptoms that she studied sounded related to her.

Later she went for a blood test for the mercury level, and it was clear that she had levels thus were appreciable above the safe level.

Daphne Zuniga Recovery

After all these, right away, she comes to an end to that the consumption of seafood. Finally, she visited the doctor and began a treatment regime to free her body of the spare mercury.

Now onward, she has put on regular trivalent injections, helping her body pass-heavy metals via the urine.

And she continued at that, as she was worried about the health issue, she checked online and began to make healthy food products found in the supermarket for the natural chelating ingredients. It took her long 6 months to recovery related to mercury poisoning.

However, she fought and vanished her tingling and cramps; now, she is clear, and her memory has improved.

Now she has stopped eating fish and continues with protein powder in it. Protein powder contains glutathione that kills mercury in the body, and helps to get rid of it. Now she tries to keep people aware of the danger of mercury in fish.

Daphne Zuniga Net Worth

The 59 years old Zuniga has a net worth of around $3 million. Most of her income is from her professional career as an actress.

As she is an actress, she makes more income from commercial advertisements. Also, she has not disclosed her present salary.

On the other hand, her husband, David Mleczko, has an estimated net worth is about $8 million. Apart from his primary source of income is the founder of signature Green Marketing and Public Relation Company.

Daphne Zuniga with her husband, David Mleczko
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Besides, he has also been connected to the entertainment industry. In the movie TED: The Future We Will Create in 2007 and Welcome to the Max in 1993, he has not played in those movies, but the films gave him thanks.

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