Deborah James described in her new book about how her perspective of perfect married life changed. Her husband supported her through and through after she suffered from bowel cancer. This changed her career too.

James describes how the couple nearly divorced but stayed through. Recently, they celebrated their tenth anniversary and moving towards their eleventh. Let’s explore more about her married life and her personal life along with her career as an author.

Deborah James Married Life with her Husband

The author talking to said that sometimes she really hates her husband. Deborah James married her husband, Sebastien in 2008 and since then the couple went through some ups and downs in their marital relationship.

The couple has not said anything regarding their wedding event but we can assume they tied the knot in a private event. After they walked down the aisle, the pair exchanged wedding vows in front of family, friends, and relatives.

Sebastien (right) with his wife Deborah James (next to him) and their children Hugo and Eloise

From their decade long marriage, the couple are proud parents of two children. As per James, being a mum might be the toughest job in the world until her life changed in 2017. The 35-years-old is the mother of two children and currently enjoying her second chance in her life.

You might be thinking what happened? Well, the author suffered from Bowel cancer in 2017 in which there is only a 7 percent chance of surviving. She did get the second chance in her life.

The perspective changed for Deborah James on Marriage…

After the treatment of cancer, James realized how lucky she is and started appreciating her husband more. Deborah says,

“My husband and I have been through a separation, nearly divorcing and marriage counseling-Cancer made me realize no relationship is perfect.”

The couple went through some rough patch in their decade long relationship but it all changed now. Deborah and her spouse celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2018 and went on the French Island to celebrate. They were basically reliving their good memories on the Island where they went after their wedding.

James further added,

“I am Not high maintenance, but I’m definitely not easy, and neither is he.”

Having the deadly disease is not cool and for Deborah, she went through it while her spouse held her hand strong. 21 rounds of Chemo and 6 Operation saved her life from stage 4 of Bowel cancer. But looking at the bright side, the disease kept her marriage intact. Good for the couple, isn’t it?

Going through a Chemotherapy, Deborah James

Deborah James Career as an Author

Having the disease changed her life and made her an author. James alongside Rachael Bland and Lauren Mahon also host a podcast in BBC. The name of the podcast is You, Me and the Big C.

Besides that, James turned into author by writing about her experiences she went during cancer. Like most of the authors like Amie Nicole Harwick, Jennifer Marie Brown, Kim Komando, and many more, James wrote about her experiences in her book.

Deborah James (in the middle) alongside her co-host Rachael Bland and Lauren Mahon

Her book name is F*** You Cancer where she talks about how the disease changed her life forever. Furthermore, she is also a campaigner and does whatever she can to raise awareness of the life-threatening disease.

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