A coveted 50-year-old actress from the show Monk, Bitty Schram made a decent amount of net worth in her career. You might be wondering what that fair amount is?

Well, the American actress accumulated her wealth in millions of dollars, which is at $2.5 million. Now folks, let’s take a small detour to figure out her source of income.

Why did they replace Sharona on Monk? Find out about Bitty Schram Career

The character Sharona and her quitting of the show became one of the longest tantrums in the show Monk. Producers of the show had to replace the character, Sharona in 2004 when Bitty Schram leaves the show.

Bitty Schram (left) with actor Tony Shalhoub (right) in the show Monk

Bitty went through some disputes over her contract with the show producers before calling it quits in 2004. Looking back at her career, this talented American actress started her career in 1992 with the film Fathers & Son. She took the role of Terry in the movie.

Following the success of the movie, Bitty began to bag many roles in films and TV Shows. Bitty featured in five more movies like A League of their own, The night we never met, and Full Cycle before making her TV debut.

Bitty Schram

Similarly, her other acting jobs in TV include Strong Medicine, Felicity, Monk, and Ghost Whisperer. Recently, the audience has not tasted her acting in feature movies since 2016 as she is not part of any significant film. But before that, the films she was credited for are Kissing a Fool, Cleopatra’s Second Husband, The sure hand of God, and Moments of Clarity.

Let’s dive into her Net Worth and source of Income

We discussed her net worth in the paragraph above, but what are her sources of income? Well, the primary source of her wealth is her acting career. Her appearance as a movie and TV actor has helped her a lot to build her fortune.

As a TV actress, Bitty Schram receives $30,000 to $50,000 per episode for a TV Show. Which is an average industry standard, and as a caliber of actress, Bitty is she must be earning more than that. This handsome salary allows her to live a lavish lifestyle in California.

Furthermore, her movie career also benefited her financially, where she received around $150,000 to $1 million per film according to some online tabloids. Not just that, her one of the most successful movie A League of their own earned a whopping profit of $132.4 million at the box office.

The movie also featured Tom Hanks, Geena David, and Madonna. With this star cast, it was destined to make a huge profit and from that Bitty Schram must’ve received a handsome cut. Her husband also might have a good worth of assets, but there is no precise information about her spouse and her married life.

Bitty Schram’s House, Cars, and Lifestyle

Schram is a very secretive person, and besides her professional life, Bitty’s personal life is a mystery. Bitty is not active in social media so, to figure out her hobbies, interest, and lifestyle is a difficult job.