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Mario Dedivanovic has magic in his hands. Yes, it’s his beauty tips and makeup that transforming the beauty world. The make-up guru gained a lot of fame after he started doing makeup for Kim Kardashian. Through his astounding career in the makeup world, Dedivanovic earned a staggering net worth and income.

Besides that, he also provides beauty tips on hisĀ  YouTube channel where he is followed by many. This adds extra income in his wealth contributing to building his assets. Today, we’re going to look into Kim’s makeup artist’s career and net worth. So, read along.

Mario Dedivanovic’s Net Worth and Income Details

The makeup guru earned a whooping net worth of $15 million from his decade long career. Becoming one of the best out there his income is in hundreds of thousand dollars. The major source of his income comes from his work with Kardashian. Not just Kim, Mario previously worked for other celebrities too which earned him a good chunk of money.

Mario Dedivanovic (left) applying makeup for Kim Kardashian face (right)

As per online tabloids, the average salary of a celebrity makeup artist is around $124,000. Dedivanovic’s exact salary is not disclosed but looking at his experience, he probably earns more than that. Besides that, he earns around $11,270 to $18,783 per post as the influencer marketing hub.

Furthermore, his YouTube channel also gets him an income of $22 to $359 annually according to the social blade.

Mario Dedivanovic’s Career Details

Dedivanovic never dreamt of entering into makeup industry but fate had other plans for him. One day he went to Sephora‘s brand new store with his mom and soon the chills began hitting all over his body. Want to know more about his journey from Fragrance consultant to doing a masterclass for his makeup tips.

As his summer job, Dedivanovic started working as Fragrance consultant in the Sephora store. Finding the passion and deciding a career in it, usually takes gut. Mario remembers his first client which inspired him to take this career path. In an interview with People.com, he says,

” I was supposed to say I’m sorry I work in Fragrance, I’ll get somebody that works in color. But I just went and helped her. I handed her shade and she tried it on and she was like,’ I love this, thank you so much’.

He further added by saying,

“I’ll never forget that moment, it just hit me. I was like,’This is it, I want to be a makeup artist”.

Dedivanovic started paying his dues by working here and there. He did makeup for Fox News Anchors and models, adding to his portfolio. Mario then met Kim in a photoshoot and after that, they just hit it off. Dedivanovic is still working with her and is now her BFF.

Besides working for Kim, He did makeup for other celebrities as well like Jennifer Lopez, Priyanka Chopra, Chrissy Teigen to name a few. Dedivanovic never stops working as he appeared as a judge in a makeup show called Glam Masters.

Mario also enjoys his masterclass where he teaches about makeup and provides his years of experience. Not just that, he also owns a YouTube channel with his name where he has 94,336 subscribers.

Mario Dedivanovic’s Instagram, House, Assets, and Lifestyle

The makeup guru has 6.8 million followers on Instagram where he shares about his lifestyle and career. He also shares beauty tips and which products he uses for his makeup. One of the best makeup artists lives in the upper east side of Manhattan, New York. Dedivanovic lives in a penthouse which price starts from $2.65 million and reaches to around $55 million.

Mario Dedivanovic in his Manhattan Penthouse

The median price of the penthouse, however, is at $6.7 million. Dedivanovic is adding more assets to his properties as of now. He is a workaholic who is working a lot as per his Instagram. Dedivanovic takes time off as well sometimes and enjoys his luxurious lifestyle. In the coming years, his net worth will surely rise from $15 million to reach beyond the sky.

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