Everybody knows that YouTube is an online video sharing and social media platform that gives everyone a voice and shows them the world. Also, it is a free video-sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos.

Likewise, millions of users worldwide have created accounts on the site that allow all to upload videos that anyone can watch. One of them, Randy Alvarez, aka Pollito Tropical, is a hugely popular social media star famous for his Pollito Tropical IG account. He has gained over 80 million views for his storytimes and tags.

A trendy YouTuber of Cuba who is strongly renowned as a social media influencer has an entertaining presence on nearly all the social media platforms. Although the hunk’s doing great in the music industry, one controversy arises about him; however, not about his arts, but his sexuality. Let’s find out about this in the section below:

Is Famous Vlogger Pollito Tropical A Gay?

Millions of his lovers frequently questioned Pollito Tropical is; Is the young YouTuber gay? And because many gossips a lot about his sexuality arises, the handsome hunk came in front back on July 3, 2015, with the answer. Back then, Pollito announced he doesn’t identify himself as gay via YouTube.

It’s not anything new forte for him to be speculated as gay. Nevertheless, he never really stated it officially.

YouTuber Pollito Tropical with his unique make-up. Source @pollitotropical

Even though Tropical declared he wasn’t gay in 2015, several of his activities over the years speak otherwise, which made this topic spicier for many. So, what are those awkward actions?

On his social accounts, the guy usually posted pictures of him doing make-up transformation from a man to a woman, wearing designer ladies fashionable clothes, speaking, his YouTube Content, and everything that seems to be related to his sexuality.

His Relationship Status

Twenty-nine-year-old social media influencer has not revealed his current relationship status in the media. Further, the hunk has not indicated whether he is having a romantic affair with someone privately or not.

Pollito with his partner, Mariah. Source Instagram

The famous vlogger currently leads a single life without having any romantic relationship and has not shared any romantic pictures on his social media pages. So, it glimpses that Pollito lives a single happy life with his family and friends.

However, the 175cm Randy shares a close bond with an American artist and internet personality, @mariohbouza. As mentioned above, rumours about Tropical and his mysterious partner dating arose.

Pollito with Mariah at their wedding. Source Instagram

Recently on March 15, 2022, the two announced that they walked down the aisle in a luxury wedding and even shared pictures on their respective social media handles. In contrast, the YouTube Star Sebastian Bails is romantically involved with her longtime boyfriend, Danielle Cohn.

Net Worth: $1.5Million

It has been reported that Mr Tropical holds a total net value of $1.5 million ensued from his YouTubing career. Furthermore, his wealth also constitutes income from social media sites and other passive income sources.

Pollito is promoting t@valencia_perfumes. Source Instagram

According to SocialBlade.com, his YouTube channel earns about $11 – $170 per month and $128 – $2K annually. The hunk has uploaded 309 videos amassing over 978K subscribers and 83,887,002 views.

Pollito is currently living a lavish life in La Havana in Cuba with such a breath-taking income.

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