Quick Facts of Robert James Rallison

  • Full NameRobert James Rallison
  • Net Worth$8 million
  • Date of Birth14 May, 1996
  • NicknameJames Rallison
  • Marital Status Single
  • Birthplace in Chandler, Arizona
  • Ethnicity White
  • ProfessionYoutuber, Animator, Voice Actor, Author
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Light Brown
  • Buildslim-fit
  • Height5ft 10 inch
  • Weight65kg
  • EducationWell-educated
  • Online PresenceWiki, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Horoscope Taurus

Have you ever watched and followed The Odd1sOut, a webcomic series on Youtube. What if we inform you that there’s a single man behind all animations and voices all the characters? Whether you believe it or not, nut it’s true! 

Well! He is non-other than an American webcomic artist, animator, writer and renowned YouTuber James Rallison, who gained massive popularity after developing a webcomic character, TheOdd1sOut.

Also, he is popular for writing, acting, and animating his storytime animations on his self-titled YouTube channel. Some of his hit webcomic series are My Thoughts on Sports, Work Stories, and My Thoughts on ASMR. 

Please the entire article and know everything about his life in the article below:

Who Is James Rallison? 

The Odd1sOut star’s real name is Robert James Rallison, born on 14 May 1996 in Chandler, Arizona, under the Taurus birth sign, a pretty adoptive sun sign.

Hence, it somehow defines how he can create so many characters and voice them as well.

James Rallison during his childhood while he first landed his post on Twitter. Image Credit: @theodd1sout

Rallison isn’t the only child in the family and raised alongside a twin sister named Faith, a brother named Luke, who is four years older than him and an older sister who is 9 years older than him and a younger sister who is around 6-7 years younger than him namely Arianna.

Moreover, he has taken his mother’s last name as his mother is Janette Rallison, a writer known for writing the Slayers series under the pseudonym C.J Hill; she still writes books to this day.

So we believe a single mother raised James. Further, he denies to disclose any details on his father up until now.

Nonetheless, there is no information on his high school and college yet!

Education and Hero

In college, Rallison had very memorable encounters with bad roommates and many unforgettable encounters with good roommates, as he has mentioned in one of his earlier videos on the topic.

One of his former roommates had many basketball cards piled in front of the doorway.

Furthermore, his childhood hero was Jim Davis, who is the creator of Garfield; Rallison looks up to him so much that the first comic James ever made was about Garfield.

Also, the artist ever stated when he was younger; he wanted to be on TheFineBros’ Teens React series. In contrast, he is left-handed.

Pets Lover

Let me tell you that the handsome hunk is a pet lover and has several pet dogs. One of them, Georgie, sadly passed away on Christmas of 2017, and other pets in his family are namely PoppyJax (Poppy’s mental Health support dog.), and Floof.

James with his pet Floof. Image Credit: Instagram

Also, he had 7 cats named LunaShadyPepper, CalicoSpotPepsi, and Azula. Growing up, Rallison’s family also had nine hamsters named KillerSqueaksBuddyPumpkin SeedSqueaks IIGumball, and The Three Amigos.

Further, James stated that The Three Amigos despised each other in the video.

In Rallison’s Our Hamsters video, he said that his dog, Georgie, was born on election day of 2004 and was named after George W. Bush, the 43rd U.S. President who served from 2001-2009.

Career Details

Not to mention, James is a YouTube phenomenon and a webcomics creator whose webcomic channel has earned over 14 million subscribers for his animations and reaction videos.

In February of 2014, he first started on Tumblr and published the first episode of his webcomic to the site tapastic and featured Jaiden Animations in his video Annoying Customers.


On 14 June 2012, Rallison posted the first strip of his webcomic TheOdd1sOut. Then, he uploaded them on Tumblr and later on iFunny and still posts webcomics, though a lot less frequently than he used to.

It’s because YouTube occupies most of his time.

Likewise, he is also part of the comic creator group Orgy or OfficialOrgy, a combination of iFunny and Tumblr comic makers and animators. They ask questions like what shouldn’t you say at a job interview? and each gives a humorous response.

TheOdd1sOut signing his books at a book store. Image Credit:: Instagram

Similarly, he is the book’s creator named How to Be Cool and Other Things I Definitely Learned from Growing Up, which we can now buy for $7.75.

This book’s readers recommend the book on Google Reviews Audience Rating Summary and have a 4.9-star review. Also, James has other books, but this is his most popular one.


After two years of making webcomics, Rallison started making YouTube videos on 30 August 2014 entitled theodd1sout comic.

There, James uploaded a video about a book he had made in elementary school on the same day, and its title is A Book I Made as a kid.

After a few years of steady boost, in April 2016, his channel earned over 278k subscribers, giving him over 400,000 subscribers.

James Rallison with Logan Paul. Image Credit: YouTube

Moreover, he also has a second channel called TheOdd2sOut, where he does things in real life and not in animations.

James Rallison’s Relationship Staus and Past History

The 26 years old animator is neither married nor shared things regarding his personal life. But, we suspect that he isn’t single because he is reportedly in a relationship with a fellow YouTuber and cartoonist, Jaiden Animations.

James with his ex-girlfriend. Image Credit: Pinterest

Moreover, the romantic duo has collaborated in several videos; however, they haven’t admitted whether their dating rumors are true or fake.

Despite his well-wisher’s suggestions and speculation, nothing is yet confirmed as both of these animation-cartoonists are pretty tight-lipped on this one. 

Social Media Presence and His Income

The popular YouTuber James joined Twitter in June 2013 and so far has 1.4 million followers and 2,178 Tweets.

Likewise, his Instagram handle boasts 67 posts shares and 2.8 million followers when preparing this biography.

James with his own cosplay toy dummy. image Credit: Instagram

He created his channel on 30 August 2014, which amassed over 15.6 million subscribers and 2.9 billion views. Also, he created a secondary channel on 3 December 2017 and has 130.3 million views with 2.48 million subscribers on this channel, TheOdd2sOut.

Regarding his net worth, Rallison’s net worth, estimated to be around $8 Million, which he added through his Youtube channels, webcomics, books, etc.

Furthermore, the carton-creator receives over $233.2k per month and $2.8 million per year earned via his self-entitled YouTube channel.

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