Retired Basketball Player

NBA Champion in 2006, Jason Williams was named one of the top 25 players for Miami Heat of all time. Though Williams retired from basketball, his career stats is one to look at. Through his successful career, Williams accumulated a mammoth net worth which he also uses to contribute to charities and social work.

The 43-years-old Point Guard started his career from college basketball and made all the way through NBA. Now, folks, let’s dive into his career and wealth and try to explore that. So read along.

Jason Williams’s Net Worth and Sources of Income

The NBA Allstar earned a staggering net worth of $20 million from his long and successful career. His major source of income comes from his playing career and other business ventures he invested in. He impressed selectors in 1998 when he was drafted by Sacramento Kings.

Jason Williams for Miami Heat

He played as a rookie back then and he won NBA All-Rookie First Team title in 1999. An average salary for an NBA Rookie is at $6 million. This is in the current market but in 1998, Williams might be receiving a little less than that. Williams has not disclosed anything regarding his salary as an NBA player.

With great richness comes great responsibility. Williams understands this and contributes to charity programs for the benefit of kids. He founded We Will Foundation along with Dr. Bob Wallace for the treatment of Craniofacial Deformities in children. Moreover, his other services to the community include his frequent visiting and helping towards the St. Jude Children’s Hospital kids.

Highest Earners in NBA

But looking at his career success and the teams he played he might’ve received millions of dollars as annual fees. Currently, the highest-paid NBA players are Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Gordon Hayward, James Harden to name a few. They earn $37 million, $35 million, $31 million, and $30 million respectively.

Stephen Curry, the highest-earning NBA player currently

Besides that, a wealthy man like him must be investing in some other business ventures to create a passive source of income.

Jason Williams’s Career Details

He started playing basketball when he was in college. Williams went to Providence College and then moved to Marshall University. Jason played under College coaches like Rick Barnes and Billy Donovan. With the height of 6 feet 1-inch, Williams became a very important player for his team.

After ups and downs in his College playing career which was also surrounded by his Marijuana use, Williams decided to go for the NBA Draft. He got selected in 1998 by Sacramento Kings. He played as a rookie alongside Chris Webber and won the 1999 NBA Allstar Rookie championship.

After three years, he joined Memphis Grizzlies where he played for four years. During his time at Grizzles, Jason was surrounded by several controversies. In 2005, Williams signed for Miami Heat and with the team, he won the 2006 NBA championship. He was listed in the Miami all-time greatest player in 2007.

Furthermore, he played at Orlando Magic from 2009-2011 and after that, he again returned to Memphis Grizzlies. He retired from the Grizzlies and Stephanie Shepard named him “White Chocolate” as his nickname.

Jason Williams’s Controversies

In the 2000-2001 season, Williams was suspended by NBA for the violation of Anti-drug program. He could not pass the anti-drug test for which he did not play for the first five games. After that, in the same year, William called out Michael Ching with some racist comments.

Jason Williams accused of racial slurs

Ching is the season ticket holder of Golden State Warriors, and for the incident, Williams paid fine of $15,000. This happened in 2000 as well where he shouted racist comment for which he paid $10,000 fine. Similarly, in 2005, Williams was criticized by Geoff Calkins for not wanting to win games. Jason paid $10,000 fine to the Memphis Grizzlies.

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