Quick Facts of Jaycee Wilkins

Jaycee Wilkins is an American dancer who earned national titles as Junior Miss Dance in 2012 and Top 10 in Best Female Mini Dancer at the Dance Awards in 2013. She rose to fame after being a most voted kid while in These Kids Have Talent in 2012.

The 17 years old, Jaycee grew up along with her brother. Surprisingly, the famous star has already broken up with her previous partner, Chongo Wood in 2017. Her followers are asking about her present relationship status. Who is she dating in 2019?

Let’s find out in the lower sections.

Early Life of Jaycee Wilkins

Jaycee Wilkins was born on November 24, 2002, in Mesa, Arizona. She was born to her mother, Kelli Wilkins, and her father, Kevin Wilkins. She grew up alongside her elder brother, Ryland Wilkins.

Jaycee attended Highland High School in Mesa. She was a member of the Highland Hawkettes, a dance team that performs at Hawks football games and competes at regional and national competitions.

Jaycee with her family.
Jaycee Wilkins with her family. Source: Instagram@Jaycee Wilkins

Jaycee grew with a passion for dancing from an early age of two. Jaycee enrolled in dance classes at Club Dance Studio. As per her teacher’s statement, they knew she was talented when she danced for the first time. She was blessed with natural flexibility which helped her reach the top at a tender age.

Dating or Single?

Jaycee Wilkins is currently in a relationship with the professional Wakesurfer, Connor Burns. They are dating since 2018. Her partner, Connor was a world champion surfer in 2016 in Amateur Men’s Wakesurf division. Jaycee got into a relationship after meeting him in a surfing event. The couple started getting along together and are spending quality time together.

Jaycee is active on her YouTube channel with over 34.8K subscribers. On 8th September 2019, she uploaded a “Truth & Dare’ video with her partner. Also, she has featured Connor in many other videos.

Jaycee is currently dating wake surfer Connor.
Jaycee is currently dating a wake surfer, Connor. Source: Athlete

Jaycee previously dated Chongo Wood in 2017. The couple wore high school buddies before dating each other. Chongo is also native of Meza. They shared a smooth relationship for a couple of years before parting their ways. Jaycee’s ex-boyfriend’s Instagram account is filled with them traveling, scuba diving and partying together. The amazing thing is until now Chongo hasn’t deleted any pictures of them together.

Jayce with her ex-boyfriend Chongoo.
Jayce with her ex-boyfriend Chongo. Image Source: Gossip

Despite that, there is no doubt the ex-couple is not together since he has stopped uploading pictures of them like previous days. As of now, she is living happily with her present boyfriend, Connor.

Professional Life

Jayce Wilkins started dancing since the day she started thinking. Nevertheless, by the age of 9, she won national titles at dance competitions and became a well-known personality in the dance community. Later, she began making television appearances on shows like Disney Channel’s Shake It Up and NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Jaycee showing her moves in a dance event.
Jaycee showing her moves in a dance event. Source: MyHero

Alongside her friend, Dylynn Jones, she took part in Disney Channel’s Show, Make Your Mark and ultimately won the competition. Later, they got to dance alongside American actress like Zendaya Coleman,  Remy Thorne, Kaili Thorne, and Bella Thorne in a scene of Shake It Up. In addition to this, Jaycee has also made several appearances on TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras. 

Jaycee showing her moves in a dance event.
Jaycee performing a dance in an event. Source: Dance dance

As per her parents, Jaycee’s dancing journey was not that easy. She trained about 30 hours per week  She practiced Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Ballroom. As of now, the 17 years old is looking forward to expanding her modeling and acting portfolio. Alongside this, she loves taking photos and making videos for her YouTube Channel titled Jaycee Wilkins. She uploads videos related to hairstyle tutorials, dance cover, food and many more. She has over 35 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel at present.

Suffered From Perthes Disease

Jaycee Wilkins’ career nearly took a turn before reaching to prime after she was diagnosed with a disease called Perthes in September 2015. She was diagnosed with a rare disease which is most common within children of ages from 4-12.  People with the Perthes disease have a reduced blood supply to the hip bone, causing the bone to die.

Jaycee after getting hip surgery at a dance studio.
Jaycee at a dance studio after completing her hip surgery. Photo Source: Listal

She had to replace her hip for which she traveled to France with her parents. Luckily, her surgery was successful and after a year, she was fine again. However, Jaycee was unable to dance for a year but began competing in group numbers with her studio again in 2017.

Net Worth-$1 Million

Jaycee Wilkins has a total net worth of over $1 million from her career as a dancer. She participated in many dance competitions during her young career. Wilkins has won Petite KAR and Primary Duo/Trio 8 and won the money prize of $10,000 from each competition. She won the Secondary Solo 8 and Under (KAR) and Mini Solo (jump) categories at the SMILE event in 2011 and 2012, respectively grabbing winning prize of $15,000 each from the competition.

In addition, she won Disney’s competition, Make your mark alongside her friend and took home $25,000. Subsequently, Jaycee featured in TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras and Disney’s shake it up from there, she earned around $15,000 which is an average salary for kid contestants in the USA. Apart from this, she earns thousands from Youtube and Instagram. With no doubt, she is spending a rich life with her family.

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