Isn’t it amazing to grow up with identical twins? It is not when you are in the public eye 24/7 with the huge question related to sexual orientation. Well, today we have brought you the brief relationship explained about the identical twin who grew up together with contract sexual orientation.

The star we are talking about is none other than Jonas Maines, and Wyatt Maines turned Nicole Maines. To know detailed information about the star, we suggest you read the whole article.

Jonas Maines And Nicole Maines were Identical Twins?

Yes, Jonas and Watt were indeed identical twins when they were born. They were healthy and happy, physically indistinguishable from each other, but their personalities appeared to diverge even as infants.

Jonas Maines And Nicole Maines
Image: Jonas Maines And Nicole Maines during their early days.

Just at the age of 2, Wyatt asked his mom when the kids were just learning to talk, “When do I get to be a girl? and when will my pen*s fall off?” It was the start of a  through gender issues that would challenge a mom to discover ways to raise her kid.

Nicole fell into the school bathroom issue during mid-school. She used to go to the girls washroom, but then the grandpa of one of the students complained to the authorities of the school.

Jonas Maines and Nicole Maines posing for a picture
Image: Jonas Maines and Nicole Maines posing for a picture

Only after Nicole’s mother felt filed a lawsuit against the primary school of the twins and when Jonas told him at the age of 9, “Face it, Dad, you have a son and a daughter” the father learn the true meaning of family. After that, the family of four went for the change of his name legally to the court and won the lawsuit.

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The journey from Watt Maines to Nicole Maines

On 20 October 2015, Nicole shared a book based on her real life, Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family. As for now, she is working as an actress who is the heartthrob of many young boys. Along with the change in her name, she changed herself to a girl. The actress has portrayed the role of Supergirl’s role as a superhero. She is the first transgender in the show featuring Melissa Benoist, Carlos Valdes, Mehcad Brooks, and many more.

Nicole Maines
Image: Nicole Maines has a superhero

Nicole now has a very successful career and personal life where she is living a very joyful life. Although she loves to keep her personal details to herself, she has given few hints that she is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend. Despite her odd childhood, she is living a very peaceful adulthood. To know Nicole from closer proximity follow on her Instagram page.