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Money, Money, and Money! all around that is mostly the life of a venture capitalist. Jonathan Gillibrand is a venture capitalist who came into the spotlight after marrying his politician wife Kirsten Gillibrand. Jonathan makes his income through his business and has a successful career.

As per reports, Jonathan Gillibrand’s net worth is at $1 million but there is more to explore. Want to know how much Politician and venture capitalist earn? So, let’s just get into it to gather all the information.

Jonathan Gillibrand’s Net Worth And Income. Let’s Find Out

As we’ve discussed above, Jonathan’s net worth is $1 million. His major source of income comes from his job as a venture capitalist. The Venture Capitalist in the USA earns about $80,000 to $150,000 annually. Additionally, Jonathan Gillibrand is an MBA graduate so, he must be making more or something similar to the average amount.

Jonathan Gillibrand (right) with his family.

Prior to his career as a venture capitalist, Jonathan worked for many finance companies and he is still a successful financial trader. Jonathan gave his time as a Finance Manager at the company called GBS Holdings. He earned more than $89,077 as his salary from the company.

Not just that, his wife, Kirsten Gillibrand also has the assets worth more than $500,000. As per the source, Kirsten Gillibrand had a wealth of $291,002 in 2012 and now in 2019, this income surely surpassed the $500,000 mark. Kirsten worked as a senator is now preparing for 2010 Presidential campaign.

Jonathan Gillibrand’s House In New York

Gillibrand bought a house in Hudson, N.Y., but in 2010, they sold it. The selling price for the crib was at $1.3 million and after selling they shifted to another home in New York.

Jonathan and Kirsten Gillibrand house in New York

Kirsten and Jonathan moved to a five-bedroom house in Brunswick, New York for which they paid around $335,000. The home also consists of a tennis court on the backside but it needs to be redone which cost around $50,000.

Is Jonathan Gillibrand Successful As A Venture Capitalist?

Jonathan is quite successful in terms of financial trading and he is successfully doing it for so many years now. Gillibrand from his capital firm earns a modest income and it fairly depends on the market situation.

His company earned an income of $20,930 in 2005, $48,535 in 2006, and $13,755 income with $40,255 capital gains in 2007.

Kirsten Gillibrand “Upstate” And Her Corporate Law Career

After the take over of Bush Administration in 2001, Kirsten Gillibrand returned to Corporate Law. According to New York Magazine, Gillibrand became a $500,000 partner at Boies, Schiller & Flexner.

She worked alongside Democratic litigator David Boies and was in a year partnership. Besides working for Boies, Kirsten also contributed in the Hilary Clinton and Eliot Spitzer campaign. Gillibrand helped them to raise much-needed funds for the political campaign.

In addition to that, Kirsten Gillibrand is quite “Upstate” and features alongside Manhattan’s movers and shakers as well. In 2010 Vogue Profile, she received praise in words from the likes of Tina Brown editor in chief of Daily Beast, Andrea Mitchell of NBC News, Senator Chuck Schumer, and Anthony Weiner a former congressman.

Kirsten Gillibrand at Vogue

Jonathan and Kirsten are both a million dollar couple and is very busy in their work. This will surely raise their net worth by many folds in the coming years.


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