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    In her new Instagram Photos Kim Zolciak Biermann looks different as spotted by one of her fans. This lead to the whole news about her Plastic Surgeries of her face to which Zolciak denies. Biermann admits having a tummy tuck and lips surgery though just like Kate Gosselin. And with that, her daughter Brielle Biermann also follows.

    Following her mothers’ path, her daughter Brielle Biermann is also doing the same thing. Biermann talks about how and why she went under the knife in an interview posted by People.com. Are you curious to know more about the surgery? Then, keep reading.

    Kim Zolciak Biermann Plastic Surgery

    The star of the show The Don’t Be Tardy talks about how her tummy was out of necessity and because of that she completed the surgery. According to Zolciak, she said,

    “I had a major hernia after my twins, so I had to have it repaired regardless, and they do it the same way almost as a tummy tuck, so I said you might as well do the repair and I mean it was covered by insurance and the whole nine yards”.

    Kim Zolciak Biermann before and after photo of her Plastic Surgery

    Furthermore, Zolciak also admitted going under the knife for her face. She further said,

    “I’ve done my lips, I like Botox and I’ve gotten Botox from 23-on for migraines, so I’ve done it most of my life”.

    After the Surgery…

    Firstly, Biermann does not try to hide the cosmetic surgeries and she has never done that. But one of the fans on Instagram asked her about changing her face which she completely denied.

    Zolciak posts the picture of her alongside a white Rolls Royce where the face looks a little different. She replied to that by saying, that she is now 101lbs heavier than before.

    Kim Zolciak Biermann alongside her Rolls Royce and her husband in the photo posted on Instagram

    Though many people believe that she did plastic surgery on her face as well. But Kim continuously denied that and said she has never experimented with her face. Zolciak admits doing other surgeries such as lips, Botox, Breast enhancement but no face.

    In an interview with People.com, both mother and daughter said they don’t regret going under the knife.

    Her Daughter Brielle Biermann following Kim’s footsteps…

    Brielle Biermann is same like her mother as she also undergoes lip surgery. According to Kim, her daughter was always insecure about her lips and wanted a full lip.

    Zolciak Biermann also gets a lot of stick for taking her daughter for lip surgery but as Kim says, “She’s going to do it anyway”. The 21-year-old celebrity daughter always wanted her lips done and with her mom’s permission, she now has full lips just like she wanted.

    Before and After photo of Brielle Biermann Plastic Surgery

    Brielle knows how people are going to react to the choices she makes. And in an interview, she discusses that as well, by saying,

    “People always have something to say. You’re never going to win”.

    Well, as it turns out everything is OK for the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her daughter. She has not shied away from cosmetic surgeries so’ we might see some more in the coming years.

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