Quick Facts of Kyra Elyse Korver

Kyra Elyse Korver

Kyra Elyse Korver gained fame because of her celebrity parents. Her father, Kyle Korver is an American professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks of the National basketball association. He holds the record for the highest three-point shooting percentage ina regular season with 53.6 %.

Similarly, Kyra’s mother Juliet Richardson, known as Juliet, is American singer popular for her 2005 album Random Order and hit single Avalon”. So what is the Kyra up to now? How old is she, and what about her current status? To find out continue reading the article below:

Celebrity daughter

Kyra Elyse Korver was born on December 5, 2012, in Atalanta, Georgia, to celebrity parents, father Kyle Korver and mother, Juliet Richarson. Her dad is a renowned basketball player who played professional basketball for teams like Utah Jazz, Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers. Her mother is a singer known for her tracks such as New Shoes, Untied, Pot of Gold, to name a few.

She is the eldest in the family.
Kyra with her mother, Juliet Richardson. Source: fabwags

More to this, Kyra belongs to a family full of celebrities. Her uncle Klayton Korver, Kaleb Korver, and Kirk Korver have player division 1 basketball for Drake Bulldogs, Creighton Bluejays, and UMKC Kangaroos, respectively.

Her dad is a professional basketball player.
Kyra Korver with her dad Kyle Korver. Source: Instagram@Kyle Korver

Currently, eight-year-old Kyla is the eldest child of the Korver family. She has a brother named Knox Elliot, born on October 4, 2014. Also, she became a sister to another brother name Koen Korver on November 7, 2016. The eldest daughter of basketball player Kyle is a child model as per her wiki profile. As of now, she must be enjoying her childhood being a celebrity kid.

Parents Marriage

Kyra’s parents are considered as an ideal couple because of their compassionate love and understanding. Her parents met through Church when her dad Kyle was playing for the Utah Jazz during the 2010 season. They met in the presence of god since they both were religious. As per reports, Kyle was introduced to Juliet by the Pastor of Juliet’s church in Utah. The couple dated for a year before tying the knot on August 10, 2011, in an intimate ceremony in Utah.

They met in the Church in Utah.
Kyra parents Kyle and Juilet. Source: Pinterest

Kyra’s dad considers himself lucky to be married to Juliet. Even after being the father of three children, he loves Juliet just like how he loved her when he met for the first time. In an interview with the magazine, Kyle expressed his feelings toward the singer saying:

“Juliet is an amazing woman, and my career has gone in a whole new trajectory since I met her,”.“She has helped me navigate through some injuries, frustrations, and difficulties. Jiliet has been a steady force for me. She speaks truth into me, challenges me; and loves me. She is everything I had hoped for in a wife.”

They share three child together.
Kyra’s parents posing next to each other. Source: the wiki bio

Well, that proves how much he loves his wife. As of now, the couple is happily married for over nine years and recently relocated to Cleveland after Kyle joined the Cavaliers.

Net Worth

Kyra is currently eight years old and not engaged in any sorts of activities which could yield her earning. Saying that she does enjoys a lavish because of her celebrity parents. Her dad’s professional basketball player with net worth of $30 million. He has played for top clubs like Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers alongside Charles Barkley, Nick Young. He hits an annual salary of around $6 million as salary from the club.

Furthermore, Kyra’s dad earned $4,018,182 in 2006/7 season, $4,400,000 in 2008/9/10 season. Likewise $5,000,000 during his time at Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks. Before moving to Bucks, he earned $7,000,000 as salary from Cleveland and $7,560,000 from Utah Jazz. Also Kyra’s mother Juliet has a net worth of $2 million from her works. As of now, the Korver family lives happily in a Cleveland house worth $2.47 million.