Quick Facts of Laura San Giacomo

  • Full NameLaura San Giacomo
  • Net Worth$6 Million
  • ProfessionActress

Just Shoot Me! actress Laura San Giacomo saved a fortune from her movies as her net worth. Her wealth is at $6 million which is distributed in many of her assets.

This American actress appeared in so many feature films in her career. Fans still do not get enough of Laura as she continues to impress in different roles in films and TV Shows. As of 2019, Laura’s income is on the rise and today we are going to explore more about her astounding net worth.

Let’s recap her Career…

Before going into her assets and bank balance, let’s dive into her career a little bit as this is her major source of income. Laura began her acting career from theatre productions like the Wrong Turn at Lungfish, As you like it, Three Sisters, and many more.

Laura moved into television after some years of working in theatres. In 1987, Laura San Giacomo featured in three TV Series as a guest character. A good actor always stands apart even if he/she is given small roles and Laura is one of them and with her impressive performance, she bagged more roles in television series.

Laura San Giacomo (left) with the cast of Honey Boy at Sundance Film Festival. Image Source: Zimbio. 

Her notable roles include Crime Story in 1988 as Theresa Farantino and as Tania Lewis in 1989 Miami Vice. Laura appeared alongside her former husband Cameron Dye in the series. Despite giving her most impressive performance, Laura was still not getting the international fan following as she deserves.

It did not take long enough for her to make that mark as well when she acted very passionately in the film Sex, Lies, and Videotape. Some of her other movies are Miles from Home, Pretty Woman, Under Suspicion, Nina takes a Lover and The Stand.

In her career, Laura San Giacomo has acted alongside many A-lister actors and directors. Such as Julia Roberts, Steven Soderbergh, Rob Lowe, and many more winning high accolades from everyone. Her awards like Los Angeles Film Critics Association, Golden Globe, Cannes Film Festival, and the Palme D’Or speaks volume about her acting.

Recently, Laura appeared in Honey Boy alongside Shia LaBeouf and in Grey’s Anatomy and The Mentalist as well.

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Let’s Explore Laura’s Source of Income

Laura San Giacomo is an actress and that is her major source of income. Besides that, she has accumulated a significant number of assets in her property. Her estimated amount of net worth is at $6 million and in that wealth the contribution of her husband is inevitable.

Her spouse Matt Adler is also an actor and has the net worth of $900,000. With the combination of this mammoth income, Laura and her family is living a comfortable life in the USA.  Laura is a top actress and receives handsome money as her salary. From her notable movie Pretty Woman, Laura must’ve received a good profit as the movie made more than $463.4 million at the box office.

Not just that, the industry standard for television actors is at $150,000 to $1 million according to some online tabloids. So, going by that, Laura must be receiving something similar or more than that depending on her roles in the series. Not just that, the actress has added a nice house in San Fernando Valley, California for her family. The crib is worth more than $475,700 on today’s market price. Giacomo drives a luxury car but nothing much is known about the vehicle.

Laura San Giacomo home in San Fernando Valley. 

Laura San Giacomo is not active on social media so, it is difficult to talk about what sort of lifestyle she lives in. But as per some sources, we find that Laura loves horseback riding, gymnastics, ice skating, ballet, tennis, and golf. Some sports are pretty expensive to play such as golf so, from this also we can imagine her financial status.

Laura San Giacomo as a Philanthropist

This talented lady is not just winning everyone hearts with her acting but also with her golden heart. Giacomo supports a lot of charities and helps out a lot of people in the community. The Royalty amount that she earns from her movies is not just used for her lavish lifestyle but also in bringing a smile to other peoples.

Laura has a soft spot for physically challenged kids and contributes regularly to benefit those in need. Giacomo is associated with the Voice for Change gala benefit and the Friends Finding a cure gala to support ALS. San Giacomo also founded CHIME Charter Elementary School to provide free public education to students of all abilities.

Children at CHIME Charter Elementary School run by Laura San Giacomo. 

With all the good work she is doing, Laura is set to add good deeds along with her bank balance.