Coming from a fail marriage with Cameron Dye, Laura San Giacomo never thought of finding love again. But against all odds, Laura found love again in Matt Adler with whom she is married for more than 19-years.

The 56-years-old is the proud mother of a son, Mason Dye.  She shared a stage with him in UCPWheels to talk about people who need a wheelchair. Want to know more about her marital relationship and her family, then read along.

Laura San Giacomo Married Life with Matt Adler

The actress married Matt in 2000 two years after her divorce from her first marriage. Matt Adler is the cousin of Torry Castellano and a famous actor. He appeared in many TV series in a guest role.

Well, in the late 90s, appearing in one of the episodes of Miami Vice paid off for Matt. On the set of the show, he met Laura for the first time. The couple locked eyes with each other and with some regular conversation, Matt asked her out.

Matt Adler (left) with his wife Laura San Giacomo (right)

Adler and Laura went out on a date and enjoyed each other’s company very much. Soon after some dates, they were a thing and decided to take their relationship to the next level. The pair married in 2000 and is living a luxurious life, happily in San Fernando Valley, California.

However, the exact date of their wedding date and how they celebrated their big day is not disclosed. We can take a guess although it was a private affair, the pair close celebrity friends attended the event. From their nineteen years of marriage, they do not have a child of their own.

Laura San Giacomo’s Children

The 56-years-old actress gave birth to a son named Mason Dye on November 19, 1995. Unfortunately, Mason is suffering from Cerebral Palsy, a disease which is caused because of damage in the brain. Due to this, Dye is suffering from impaired muscle coordination and other disabilities.

Despite the disabilities, Mason and Laura want to do something good to the community. In the UCPWheels program, Laura took the center stage to talk about disabilities her son is suffering. Even Mason took the center stage in his wheelchair.

Laura San Giacomo (left) with her son Mason Dye (right) at the UCPWheels

In the program, San Giacomo talked about how 70 million people with disabilities need wheelchair around the world and they are not getting it. Dye also talked about how thankful he is for his wheelchair.

Apart from Mason, Laura does not have any other children.

Laura San Giacomo Divorce with Cameron Dye

Prior to marrying Matt Adler, Laura was in a marital relationship with actor Cameron Dye from 1990 to 1998. The couple probably meets each other at the film set and fell in love. Cameron welcomed Mason along with Laura in 1995; He is the father of Mason Dye.

Laura San Giacomo (right) with her former husband Cameron Dye (left)

The pair separated in 1998 after eight years of marriage but the reason for the divorce is not known. Laura is currently happy in her marriage with Matt and is enjoying with her family.

Laura San Giacomo Family and Personal Life

San Giacomo spends a lot of time with her family. Besides that, her career is also going really well and has appeared in many TV series and films. Laura has impressed everyone right from the start of her career. She featured alongside Michael Weatherly, Stana Katic and many more in her career.

The actress is involved in many charity programs especially related to disabilities. Furthermore, Laura loves horse riding, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Ballet, Tennis, and Playing piano in her personal time. She has an astounding net worth and lives in San Fernando with her family. Laura is raising her child very well and also talked about what it means to raise a special needs kid?

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