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Game program are an indispensable component of the TV programs and have their personal unprecedented fans and viewers. They are loved by the general people since it provides them an opportunity to compete and get on TV and also win prizes or cash.

Many of these entertainment programs hit headlines due to the distinctiveness of the program or due to the cost of money or prizes the winners earn. Some get publicity after some disagreement erupts or a lawsuit follows due to some understanding.Let us pass through and understand what these are!


1) Have you recognized that the contestants on the game program Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune are of equal height? You will be shocked that the purpose is that they are compelled to attain on stages which can be elevated or lowered to accommodate them with the wanted height! Unimaginable!

2) Imaginary effects are appropriated in Wheel of Fortune show to make people accept that the Wheel has a mammoth diameter when in truth its diameter is only about 6 feet. It is supposed to weigh 4000 pounds.

3) Even when you win, for instance, a car in The Price is Correct, you still require to shell out cash to pay the exorbitant taxes which come with it.

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Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune

4) The cash prizes advertised on the game programs are actually paid in money and will transfer your home address and is not delivered on the spot! So one has to wait calmly to take their prize money!

5) Wheel of Fortune is the longest-running syndicated game show in the history of US Television. The game shows The Price is Right is the longest-running 5-days-a-week game TV show in the world.

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6) The program ‘The Price is Right’ has strict entry rules. Though the entry is free, people seeking to be in the audience and hence get potentially chosen as contestants cannot carry banners, posters, signs, mobile phones, tape recorders, price lists, bags, ice chests, or cameras inside the studio where shooting is taking place. They welcome people with unusual enthusiasm.


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