Quick Facts of Nova Henry

  • Full NameNova Henry
  • Date of Birth28 July, 1981
  • NicknameNova
  • BirthplaceChicago, Illinois, the USA
  • Ethnicity African-American
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Black
  • SpousePartner: Eddy Curry
  • Children2
  • Horoscope Leo
Nova Henry

Loving the wrong person and a bad relationship can even lead you to your grave.  This proved to be right in the case of Nova Henry. Nova Henry came to limelight because of her relationship with American basketball player Eddy Curry. Nova was the mother of Eddy’s two children. However, Nova tried to stay away from the limelight throughout her relationship with the NBA Star.

Unfortunately, she was not there to see the world for a long time. At the age of 27, she left the world along with one of her children. What was the cause of Nova’s Death? She was murdered. Find out more about Nova Henry by reading the article until the end.

Sister of a Famous Tattoo Artist

Nova Henry was born in Chicago, Illinois, the USA on July 28, 1981. She is the daughter of father, Keith Henry, and mother, Yolan “Loni” Corner. She was raised alongside her brother Ryan Henry and sister Jillian. Her brother, Ryan is now a famous tattoo artist. He owns a tattoo studio named 9Mag, in honor of his later sister Nova and his niece Ava. Nova’s ethnic background was African-America while her nationality was American.

Baby Nova Henry with her Mother Source: Instagram Posted By @lionoushe

Henry’s mother worked at HouseNation, and her father has passed away while she was young. However, upbringing and secondary educational background of Nova is not yet been provided. Although, it is sure that she has completed her high school. Nova’s mother, on her Instagram, posted a picture of Nova attending her senior prom. Sadly,  at the age of 27, police found her dead in her apartment along with her 10-months-old daughter Ava Curry.

Nova Henry’s Relationship with Eddy Curry

 Nova Henry and Eddy Curry were high- school lovers, although Eddy later got married to Korie Kellogg. But only after six months of marriage, Curry divorced Kellogg. After Curry’s divorce, he and Nova re-connected. Their bond was going very strong, and she often put her studies at the hold to visit him in New York from Chicago.

In 2006, Nova and Eddy welcomed their first child, a son Noah together. Likewise, two years later, in 2008, they welcomed their second child together, a daughter named Ava Curry. Nova was living a great life, along with her NBA star boyfriend and two beautiful children. However, the relationship between Nova and Eddy was very much complicated. While Nova was five months pregnant with her firstborn, Eddy got engaged to another woman called Francine.

Late Nova Henry with her Son Noah and late Daughter Ava in her lap.
Nova Henry with her Son Noah and Daughter Ava. Source: Instagram Posted By @lionoushe

Shortly after Noah was born, financial support for him and Nova Curry started to decrease. That led Nova to hire a local attorney called Fredrick Goings to set a legal child support agreement. Nova was granted $6,000 child support from a Chicago court. Soon after the case was settled, Henry and Curry they re-kindled their relationship.

Although, after their daughter, Ava, was born, Curry denied that he was her father.  That led Nova and her attorney to drag Curry back to court. Later, it was proved with a DNA test that Ava was in fact Curry’s daughter. Thus, he had to pay $15,000 a month as child support. Moreover, Curry was married to Patrice Curry at the time Ava was born.

What Led Nova Henry and Her Infant Daughter To Their Graves?

Unfortunately, only after four months of winning the legal battle, Nova Henry and her 10-months-old daughter Ava Curry was found dead. Their bodies were discovered in Henry’s upscale Chicago townhouse. Nova was fatally shot multiple times on her back, chest, and head, and her daughter was shot on the head. The mother and daughter were shot to death by none other than their local attorney, Fredrick Goings, on  24th January 2009

Late Nova Henry kissing her Late daughter Ava Henry
Nova Henry and her daughter Ava Curry.

After her death, it was revealed that Nova was in a romantic relationship with Goings. During their relationship, Fredrick tried to isolate Nova from her friends and family. Moreover, he often tried to affect Nova’s self-esteem. Sooner, the verbal abuse turned physical. That led Henry to file an order of protection against Fredrick Goings in 2007. However, the law was not formalized.

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Later, Nova made it clear with Goings that their relationship was over, and he had to move on. Moreover, she also decided to switch to another lawyer for her case of legal custody of her daughter Ava and planned to get a refund of $24,000, the fee she paid to Goings. Unfortunately, that triggered Fredrick to murder Nova Henry and her infant daughter Ava Curry brutally.

However, during the time of the murder, Nova’s son Noah was with them and witnessed the crime, although he was unharmed and sleeping peacefully when the police discovered their bodies.

Former Attorney and Murderer of Ava and Nova Henry, Fredrick Going.
Murderer Fredrick Going. Source: Instagram Posted By @ryanhenrytattoo

On February 2009, an arrest warrant was issued against Fredrick Going, and he was convicted of one count of first-degree murder after Nova’s son testified that Fredrick murdered his mother and sister. He was sentenced to imprisonment by a Cook County jury.

Net Worth

Nova Henry’s net worth before her death is estimated to be around $200,000.Henry got an amount of $6,000 as child support from her former NBA star boyfriend, Eddy Curry. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Eddy Curry has a net worth f $3 Million. Similarly, he earned a total amount of $70 Million from throughout his playing days.

After Nova Henry’s second child was born, she got an amount of $15,000 a month as child support. Moreover, when signed to the team called New York Knicks, Eddy curry asked for an advance salary of $8Million from his $9Million contract. However, the team only provided him $3million. Likewise, as of January 2020, Curry raises seven children with his wife, Patrice Curry.