Roberta Raffel, Marcus Lemonis Wife - Their Children & Family

You guys must be familiar with the couple with the huge age difference. Mostly the kind of relationship where man dates a woman who is way younger than he is. However today we have brought you the article about quite the opposite couple. The couple is none other than Roberta Raffel and Marcus Lemonis.

The man of the house, Marcus and his wife Roberta share a very loving relationship with each other and along with that Marcus and Roberta also share a very huge age gap. Raffel is 20 years older than Lemonis. So, without wasting any further time, let’s get straight to the article.

Marcus Lemonis’ Relationship Status

Marcus Lemonis was just a regular businessman until 2018 as he eventually fell in love with another businesswoman. He is famous as a self-made millionaire, television personality and entrepreneur, particularly with his passion for expanding tiny companies. This certainly had an eyebrow raised when he revealed Marcus is in a relationship with 20 years elder lady than him.

Image:Marcus Lemonis with his wife
Image: Marcus Lemonis with his wife

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Lemonis made people believe that age is just a number when love is concerned. Marcus has constantly talked about the significance of valuing relationships and making investments in one individual throughout the interviews. In one particular interview with Inc, he revealed that

‘anyone in a relationship should realize that they are in a journey; a lifetime commitment.’

Marcus Lemonis’ Partner Roberta Raffel

There is a probability that Bobbi has had previous relationships as she is 20 years elder than Marcus. However, not much is known about Roberta Raffel’s past relationship status before her relationship with the Lebanese-born tycoon; thanks to her capacity to maintain her life private. Back in 2016, Bobbi acknowledged Lemonis from the profit at a trade fair involving women’s fashion and took him off the phone just to create casual conversation.

He finally agreed to purchase her company in the process, which consisted of fashion organizations, designer brands, and retail shops. That’s when the love between the couple bloomed.

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Marcus Lemonis’ Wedding & Children

Since much attention is given to most celebrity weddings, the two planned for a private wedding close to their home in Montecito, California. Unfortunately, the event had to reschedule due to mudslides and fires in Santa Barbara. Finally, in February 2018, at Hotel Bel-Air, the secret wedding took place, with close friends and family gracing the intimate celebration.

Marcus Lemonis
Image: Marcus Lemonis and Roberta’s Wedding cake

Though there is no confirmation regarding the number of marriages and relationship Roberta Raffel was in, she has a son, daugther and grandchildren. Both her son and daughter (over 30 years of age) have children that she frequently posts on her Instagram account. On the other hand, there are no exact details about Marcus children. Whereas he was a married man when he met Roberta.