Quick Facts of Samuel Walker Shepard

Samuel Walker Shepard

Samuel Walker Shepard is an American celebrity son. Moreover, he is the son of American veteran actor, playwriter, author and director, Sam Shepard, and Academy Award-winning, Jessica Lange. Interestingly, his parents never marry each other despite living together for 27 years. Samuel got famous just after his birth and he is also popular for his beautiful eyes.

Samuel has received huge attention from media and the public as a celebrity son of popular actor and actress.  Let us learn more about his bio, personal life, profession, and net worth in the article written below.

Family Background of Samuel

Samuel Walker Shepard was born on June 14, 1987, in the United States of America. Further, he is the son of veteran Hollywood actor, playwriter and director, Sam Shepard, and Academy Award-winning actress, Jessica Lange. However, his parents were in a romantic relationship from 1982 to 2009 and remain as a partner for over 27 years before spilled up.

The couple never married each other. Back on July 27, 2017, his father died at age of 73. Samuel is the younger brother of Hannah Jane Shepard who is just one year older than him. So, they are always distinguished as twins. Besides, he also has one half-brother from his father’s previous marriage, Jesse Mojo Shepard, and one half-sister from her mother’s previous marriage, Shura BaryshnikovAfter his parents parted their was, he grew up with her mother and two siblings.

Relationship Status

32 years old, Samuel is probably enjoying a single life right now. Apart, it is very difficult to find out his personal life details as he is a very secretive nature person. Moreover, he usually keeps himself away from any kind of rumor and controversy. Despite being a celebrity son, he always maintains his appearance in the public. Apart, he is currently focusing on his career building in music.

Samuel with his beautiful sister, Hannah Jane Shepard.
Samuel with his beautiful sister, Hannah Jane Shepard. Image Source: Getty Images

Moreover, in 2008, he also became a member of the New York-based band ” The Dust Busters/ The Down Hill Strugglers”.  Further, he is just busy pursuing his career in music so, he didn’t get time for his love life. He also loves to play guitar,  dumb, and piano. Also, he likes to spend his free time with friends by hanging out and partying.  Currently, he is living a happy life with his mother and sister in New York.

What’s his net worth?

Well, Samuel has earned a healthy amount of money from his career as a singer and band member. Further, his net worth might be in thousand of dollars however, we don’t have an exact net worth figure right now. Apart, he is the son of a famous actor and actress who has earned a hefty amount of money from their career to provide him a lavish life.

Samuel used to live with his parents in Stillwater, Minnesota house until 2008.
Samuel used to live with his parents in Stillwater, Minnesota house until 2008. Image Source: Pinterest

According to Celebrity Net Worth, his mother’s net worth is $15 million. Further, his father’s net worth before his death was $10 million. With such a great fortunate earning of his parents, he is currently living a lavish and luxurious life with his family members in New York. Moreover, in 2008 his parents also sold their Stillwater house at a real estate price of $1.825 million. Besides, there is no news about their new house right now.