Quick Facts of Star Slade

Star Slade is a Canadian actress of Vietnamese descent who is credited for movies like Burden of Truth (2018), Frontier (2016), and Emerald Code (2017). For her love of acting Star Slade has acted in not just films but also in theatres. Besides acting, Star is a trained ballet dancer and featured in many musicals.

This beautiful actress started working in films very recently and has worked impressively in big productions. With this, her income at the start of her Hollywood career is pretty decent. Slade likes to keep her personal life updated to her 20K followers on Instagram.

Early Life of Star Slade

The birthday of this Vietnamese descent actress is a mystery to her fans, however, looking at the people she hangs out with gives us an idea that Star is a young actress. As very little is known about Star Slade and is an upcoming actress, her family background still remains undisclosed.

The image of Star Slade
The image of Star Slade                                             Image Source: Listal


Apart from her age, Slade’s other body measurements details like Height and Weight is still a mystery. Slade has not discussed her educational background but we can assume that she went to regular school and college.

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Star Slade’s Career

Prior to her start as an actress in movies, Star worked in theatre acts and dance productions. During her time at the theatre, Star Slade appeared in productions like Forgotten, Best of Broadway, 12 Angry Jurors, and Kaleidoscope.

Furthermore, Star Slade got the opportunity to work with the Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa in a Series Emerald Code. In 2017 series, Slade appeared as Simone opposite Momoa which was directed by Michael Seater. Slade also worked in the film Frontier in 2016 which was her first feature debut.

Her latest work comes in CBC show Burden of Truth in 2018. In the show, Star Slade played the character of Luna Spence who is a scrappy but resourceful person. She lives with her girlfriend and her life is changed after getting arrested for a criminal case.

Living a Private Life

Star Slade like many celebrities likes to keep her dating life a mystery which leads to many rumors to float around. Looking at her posts on Instagram, Star Slade has not provided any hint about her boyfriend or girlfriend. Her posts include pictures from her films or includes her friends which she dearly loves.

Star Slade with her best friend, Anwen O'Driscoll in 2018
Star Slade with her best friend, Anwen O’Driscoll in 2018              Image Source: @littledragxn


At the moment, Star Slade is single and ready to mingle but this beautiful actress has played girlfriend characters in her shows and films. Her latest role in Burden of Truth, Slade plays a lesbian character who lives with her girlfriend Molly Ross. Until and Unless, Slade herself does not speak up about her relationship status, there is no way to figure it out but as of now, She is enjoying her singlehood.

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Net Worth

The exact amount of Slade’s net worth is not revealed but her acting in tv shows and films have paid her a decent amount of income. As an entry-level actress, the average salary is around $36,000 to $40,000 per movies. So, Star Slade must’ve made a similar amount of salary for her films.

Not just that, her acting in tv shows also pays her fees of around $20,000 to $35,000 per episode which is an industry-standard. Star Slade loves to travel with her friends and we can see from her Instagram posts, she has traveled to many different locations around the world.

Slade earns a handsome salary annually to live comfortably in the States but however, as of now, there are no details about her house and cars.


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