Adams Hicks


Everyone talks about those who are alive and doing their best with their life. Well, in today’s topic we will talk about a legendary actress who left a huge mark in today’s world even without her presence. Well, she is none other than Patty Duke. She was an American actress who appeared on stage, film, and television. Patty is well known for her work in movies like The Miracle worker, Valley of the Dolls, The four children of Tander Welch, Kimberly to name a few. She won three Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe awards during her acting career. Patty married four-time in her life. So if you want to know about Patty Duke continue reading the article below: Difficult Childhood Patty Duke was born as Anna Marie Duke on December 14, 1946, in Manhattan, Newyork city. She was born to father John Patrick Duke and mother Frances Margaret. Her…