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If you have ever watched the American sci-fi TV series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, then you would probably recognize the character of Jadzia Dax which is played by the American actress, Terry Farrell. Not only this but she is also a famous fashion model. In fact, she played the role of a model in the primetime soap opera, Paper Dolls. Currently 56, Terry married two times in her life. She has a son from her previous marriage with Brian Baker, an American actor. Who is her husband at present? From her successful career, she has accumulated a net worth of around $5 Million. Stay tuned with us and find in detail about her biography. Early Life of Terry Farrell Terry Farrell was born to her American parents, Kay Carol Christine (mother) and Edwins Francis Farrell Jr. (father). She grew up along with her sister, Christine. After some time, her…