Demetri Goritsas


Demetri Goritsas is a Canadian-American actor who has worked with many of the biggest TV series and movies. He has worked with the biggest names in the show business across an eclectic array of major Hollywood blockbusters. Moreover, he has appeared in numerous movies like Genius, Thnderbi, Saving Private Ryan, and The Bourne Identity. Furthermore, Demetri has also appeared in the Tv Series, Nova and Railroad Alaska. Apart from his movies and television, he is quite a presence at the Royal National Theatre and the Royal Court. To know more about the versatile actor, stay on the page and read the full article about Demetri Goristas. Early Life of Gortisas Demetri Gortisas was born on August 24, 1971, in Eugene, Oregon, the USA. He holds mixed ethnicity and belongs to American nationality. But during his early years, he grew up in British Columbia with his family. In between that time, he…