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People often get confused between the actress Allision Williams and sportscaster Allison Williams. So let’s clear say that we are talking about Allison Williams who is an ESPN sportscaster. Allision calls herself TRAW which stands for The Real Allison Williams in her social media just to clear the confusion. But today, we are here to unwrap all the information about the sportscaster Allison Williams. Let’s find out everything about William’s career, net worth, and personal life. Who is Allison Williams? Know About Her Career and Net Worth Allison Williams was born on January 18, 1984, in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA. Her father Dale was a police officer in Ann Arbor. She graduated from the Miami University in 2002 where she studies broadcast journalism and graduated with a degree in communications. Besides this information, we couldn’t gather any further information regarding her childhood. After a few months of graduating, she was…