Everyone talks about people who are alive and is doing great with there life. Whereas we are going to talk about a famous star who left a huge mark in today’s world even without her presence. She is none other than Christiane Schmidtmer. Even though she left this world long time back she is still in our memories all because of her work that is still praiseworthy and all the change she made in the fashion world. So without wasting further time, let’s know about her bio, height, net worth, age, parents. Stay tuned to us. Christiane Schmidtmer’s Bio, Wiki & Parents Christiane Schmidtmer was born in Mannheim, Germany to Gertrud and Jakob Schmidtmer on Christmas Eve 24th December 1939. Her father disappeared during the war in Russia. The family later relocated from Mannheim to nearby Heidelberg after her mother resettled with her stepfather. No other details related to her parents is…