Hunter Hoffman


If you are fond of watching Discovery Channel’s reality show, then you might be familiar with one of its show, Gold Rush. So, today’s article is about one of the lady diggers from Gold Rush show from Parker Schnabel’s mining team, Bree Harrison. Moreover,  she is a Gold Digger, and she digs under the soil for gold mining. Moreover, she appeared in the 9th season of Gold Rush, and she is one of the impactful contestants of the show. What is her relationship status? Read an article below to learn more about her. Born in Waterloo, Ontario Bree Harrison was born in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Moreover, her exact date of birth is unknown, but, as of Instagram post, every year, she celebrates her birth on January 1.  Although she has not mentioned anything regarding her parents, back in 2018, she shared an emotional letter talking about her family on Instagram.…