Italian Instagram Star


If you usually go through the Netflix series’ and short films, then you probably have gone through the Italian drama series, Baby which premiered on 30 November 2018. Today we are going to talk about one of the main characters, Niccolo which is portrayed by the famous TV actor, Lorenzo Zurzolo. The 19 years old Italian actor, Lorenzo also gained a huge recognition after his role in the 2015 Italian series, Questo e il Mio Paese. Also, he is quite famous on Instagram with over 620K followers. Many of his fans are wondering about his relationship status. Is he dating anyone as of 2019? Let’s find out in detail about his biography. Stay tuned. Early Life of Lorenzo Zurzolo Lorenzo Zurzolo was born to his Italian parents and also grew up in Rome, Italy. His interest in the acting career from an early age led him to make his career…