Julian Barrat


Julian Barrat Pettifer known as Julian Barrat is an English actor, comedian, musician, and music producer. He is also a member of the surreal comedy troupe known as The Mighty Boosh. On the other hand, his most notable works include the portrayal of Howard Moon in BBC sitcom The Same Name. Julian is one of the most eminent actors of his time and is notable for his cracks. He is best known for his work in the TV series The Mighty Boosh. Besides acting, he is also a musician and has played guitar for Little Chief during their European Tour. He can be described as “Jack of all traits” as he is a multitalented person. Julian Barrat’s Bio & Wiki Julian Barrat was born on 4th May 1968 in England. He is known to have adopted his middle name as his surname to distinguish himself from reporter Julian Pettifer. There…